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En el pasado, cuando Shen Ling fue golpeada por el sistema de perforación rápida, para mejorar el espacio, ella alimentaba a los cerdos en la antigüedad, crió a un bebé en la década de 1970, trabajó como pescadora, pescó, y estaba acurrucado en una casa para luchar por la escoria.

Después de tantos años, finalmente cultivó Zhengguo, los árboles frutales espaciales se convirtieron en bosques y los campos de arroz se convirtieron en extensiones.

Incluso si el sistema la arrojó al fin del mundo, estaba tranquila, ¿no es solo que vive en la naturaleza? De todos modos, tiene comida.

En cuanto a la tarea, ¿qué diablos es eso? Después de tantos años de arduo trabajo, solo necesita vivir cómodamente en el futuro.

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Título corto:WIS
Titulo original:带着空间快穿
Autor(a):Hook in January
Weekly Rank:#3210
Monthly Rank:#3315
All Time Rank:#3914
Tags:Ancient Times, Beautiful Female Lead, Cultivation, Farming, Female Protagonist, Magical Space, Modern World, Multiple CP, System Administrator, World Hopping,
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7 Comments on “Wear It with Space
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  1. Currently on chap 136. I like it, but I also find it very inconsistent, with a lot of plot holes. Example, sometimes she knows everything about a particular world then in the next world she would know only her identity. In some worlds, it's like she's omnipotent and can do everything due to what she learned in previous arcs but in other worlds she can't use those talents. There's also a confusion to her identity and why she accepted the system calmly. Moreover, sometimes she acts very attached to her partners (like she gets attracted to some people who look like her husband(s) in the previous worlds) but other times she isn't. I also wonder whether she's only in the same world but in different time stamps because she occasionally get this "familiar-unfamiliar" feeling when encountering some people. Idk if you'd like this, but it's worth giving a try...

  2. I'm in chapter 95 and it's really more focused on mission, like every time she enter another world there's no introduction just something that is related to her mission and no ending i mean if her mission is successful that's it next chapter is another world..No extra about that world.. No romance or feelings involved even if it does you can't say if she has attachment because basically it's not much mention. Not much interaction with the system like other novels. And she's sometimes wearing a man, like a girl to a boy hahah.... Really it focus on mission not much drama so it may be boring but for me it's still okay..

  3. This novel plot basicly the uathor not completed it... Every time exciting plot suddenly mc go to other world... Good opening but trash ending(As there were no ending at all)

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