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Using Marriage as Bait

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Lin Xiyu había sido acogida por la familia Lu desde que tenía quince años y se las había arreglado para llevarse bien con todos los demás hermanos de la familia Lu, excepto con Lu Junting, el hermano mayor de la familia Lu.

Como jefe de Lu's Enterprise, Lu Junting hizo las cosas de manera atronadora con gran eficiencia, y su personalidad era profunda, introspectiva y esquiva.

Era como una flor en las altas montañas, solitario y arrogante, era inalcanzable.

Lin Xiyu, como todos los demás, tuvo miedo cuando vio a Lu Junting.

Más tarde, se encontró con algo aún más terrible que ver a Lu Junting.

Porque después de ese accidente, ella y Lu Junting se casaron...

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Título corto:UMAB
Titulo original:以婚为饵
Autor(a):Zǐ Qīng Yōu
Weekly Rank:#6340
Monthly Rank:#6838
All Time Rank:#7036
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Cute Children, Female Protagonist, First Love, Handsome Male Lead, Marriage, Obsessive Love, Pregnancy,
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10 Comments on “Using Marriage as Bait
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  1. The FL is just no for me. She is cruel enough to abort her baby (luckily Can't). She choose her life over her baby. The good thing is she only feel the joy of being mother when she near her due know the baby move around n she feel there is new life in her stomach. She is selfish. She never thought of the male lead feeling when she keep on mentioning abortion,divorce and hide that they were married. She think it's not a good thing if other found out their relationship when they gonna divorce sooner. She also think that every decision she make is good for both of them without asking ml feeling. And I can't understand why he keep hiding his feeling for her. That woman is so dense and she keep drawing a line between them.

  2. Agree, the fl is really selfish, if it not because its a pretty short chapter, i would dropped this story. Totally selfish, in one way i could understand why the ml did all those things.

  3. Yeah she's selfish but it's her life n ML never express his liking to her so how would she know those things😪 N her so called adopted brother is also meddlesome n he did everything to separate them just bcoz ML is a sly person n 1 time thought maybe this brother from another parent wants to steal her or he's just obsessed over past so he wants her back but ML is really pitiful in his personal life father didn't want him, mother abuse him for her depression, no one was there for him n he found his only salvation in a 3 years old pure girl so he did many things for her but never tell her n when they meet again due to changes she's scared of him so when got chance he did what he did to keep FL 😪

  4. She has every right to abort the baby if she wants...It could've ruined her life, and it was a mistake. She shouldn't be obligated to keep it if she didn't want to. Besides that, I do think she's very weak-hearted...She followed the male lead after he litteraly lied to her into marriage and HAVING A BABY TO TIE HER DOWN TO HIM. THAT'S DISGUSTING, but I've seen worse so I'll stick around. Anyways. I don't think of the FL as cruel or selfish...Rather the ML is really selfish. Seriously almost ruining her entire life and mental health cause he likes her. Wth

  5. The type of FL who keeps the baby and lives alone with the baby OR the type who bravely goes to ML and says they want to start a new life together is the one who has gone through a lot of dark thing in their to life to achieve that stability. If we talk realistically a normal pampered girl would never imagine having a baby with someone she doesn't right after the graduation. Also how can FL guess that a person who is always serious and not approachable would love her or even has interest in her.

  6. OMG! Me encantó aunque hubo un momento frustrante por ella y me desespero un poco, fue un bonito final y también me hizo llorar cuando ella se fue el sufrió mucho Afortunadamente está chica regresó y le dio todo lo que el necesita

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