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Urban: One Billion In Public Welfare Rewards

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Ye Xiu fue golpeado por el sistema Charity Shenhao. Mientras haga buenas obras y caridad, seguirá recibiendo recompensas.

Chica famosa de Internet: "Entrevista, hermanito, cuando tienes 1.500 millones de activos, ¿qué crees que es ..."

Ye Xiu se paró frente al software de transmisión en vivo y Zheng Lingran dijo:

"¡No me hables de dinero, no me interesa el dinero! ¡Si no hay ni una gota de agua limpia o una bocanada de aire limpio en este mundo! Hacer mas dinero. , ¿Para qué sirve? "

En este momento, se escuchó un sonido rápido desde el teléfono móvil: "Ding, la tarjeta bancaria está en la cuenta, 10 mil millones de yuanes".

Chica famosa de Internet: "..."

audiencia: "……"

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Título corto:MOBIPWR
Titulo original:都市:公益奖励十个亿
Autor(a):Han Xiaosheng
Weekly Rank:#228
Monthly Rank:#215
All Time Rank:#504
Tags:Discrimination, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Poor to Rich, Racism, Slow Growth at Start, Sudden Wealth, System,
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  2. It wasn’t bad until Chapter 679 when it changed from Urban Life to Fantasy.. I really wanted to put it down and stop reading but with only 11 chapters left to read until the end, I forced myself to continue. ‘Twas a fun read with all the face-slapping and unimaginable nonsense besides the blatant nationalism and hate on the US, with this book. [Spoiler: If cultivation didn’t pop up starting from that chapter ‘til the end, I just can’t.] Author should have ended it with the wedding and not go left-field. Sigh.

  3. At one point MC got full share of a law firm. This author seems didn't research much. Law firm share will always held by the founders and named partner. Later when someone was chosen as a partner, he/she must buy a small share as a symbolic gesture. No outsiders will allowed to buy in the share. Also all share members must be a lawyer with license where the laaw firm located.

  4. Kalau aku kenapa setiap novel mesti ada cewek yang suka menyuruh mc buat itu ini, keras kepala, beban dan ganggu kehidupan mc. Kalau boleh nak je aku pukul terus cewek yang suka menyusahkan mc bersama penulisnya 🙃😒

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