Upcoming Novels


Warlords: Rise From the Land of Doom

Author: fierce knight Published in: 1h28m
Action Adventure Fantasy Xuanhuan

Lord Earl issued a decree to invite his son-in-law, allowing the baron's second son to have a title and territory, and have the opportunity to fight for 30 years less. But this territory is not easy to take, because it is a .... Show more »


Transmigrated to Twenty Years Ago and Adopted Myself

Author: 青律 Published in: 4h28m
Comedy Fantasy Shounen Ai Slice of Life

Jiang Wang fell into a lake due to a car accident and found himself back to twenty years ago. In 2006, house prices were cheap, e-commerce was booming, and there were plenty of business opportunities everywhere. But the fir.... Show more »


I'm Really An Alchemist

Author: Ash can fly Published in: 7h28m
Fan-Fiction Sci-fi

Alchemy, the essence of science, is the science of deconstructing and cognition of objectively existing things This is an alchemist's journey through time and space Stay humble, always move forward, hold everything The wor.... Show more »


Wen Family Has a Wife

Author: Bamboo fence tea Published in: 10h28m

Chen Ningya is reborn! In her previous life, she killed her own man and indirectly killed her own child. The only surviving eldest son went astray because of her. If she starts over again, she will not repeat the same mistake.... Show more »


The Three Kingdoms Began with the Abduction of Luoshen

Author: When the flowers are blooming Published in: 13h28m
Historical Military

Chen Jue traveled to the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty and became the master of Qingyun Village? With the help of the system, Chen Jue not only supported himself, but also kept the stockade well-fed. The system issued a mi.... Show more »


When the Heroine Becomes Paranoid

Author: come on sign Published in: 16h28m

When the heroine becomes paranoid (quick wear) Author: Come and sign up Introduction: Text of this article: (The lightning protection point is below, first point the question: the heroine is not a good person, if you don't li.... Show more »


Start From Skull Island and Push the World

Author: spinning top Published in: 19h28m
Fan-Fiction Sci-fi

Respawn to Skull Island. Became King Kong's younger brother. You can also travel through the heavens and the world. As a non-human gorilla, Ding Zheng felt a lot of pressure. After untold hardships to establish a foothold.... Show more »


Desperate Pretense At Being Poor

Author: 昭乱 Published in: 22h25m
Comedy Drama Romance Slice of Life

Unwilling to accept a business marriage arranged by the family, Wen Ruan, the precious daughter of a wealthy family knew that she had to be independent, so she left home carrying a stack of credit cards. Unfortunately, she g.... Show more »