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Ember Gun

Author: Andlao Published in: 1h23m
Fantasy Xuanhuan

This is a hell of a Victorian fantasy novel. Add a spoonful of steam engine to make the damn science and technology tree move! Add a spoonful of love and hatred, so everyone has a reason to fight! Add a spoonful of neurosis .... Show more »


Orc's Crystal

Author: Zhenyuan Published in: 4h23m

Crystal Beautiful, colorful, and fragile. It must be handled with care and care. ... Jiang Junlin, a 26-year-old ordinary man of medium stature, fell into another world for no reason Ordinary, he is no longer ordinary Howeve.... Show more »


Rebirth of the Industrial Tycoon

Author: Pass the game Published in: 7h24m
Urban Life

In 1984, the first year of Chinese private enterprises. This year, Haier President Zhang was in danger and took over the mess of Qingdao General Refrigerator Factory; This year, TCL Manager Li was in a rudimentary agricultu.... Show more »


God Concubine Supreme

Author: War Nishino Published in: 10h23m
Adventure Fantasy Historical Josei Martial Arts Romance Shoujo Wuxia Xianxia

This article female dressed as a man, double-strength and cool, welcome to jump! "He" was once the most dazzling genius in the Mu family, everyone admired and should not be chased. "He" is also the most humiliating existenc.... Show more »


Super Cute New To Marvel

Author: Ghosts never get lost Published in: 13h23m
Fan-Fiction Sci-fi

I thought that if he became a rich second generation, he could eat and wait to die, but what Fisher didn't expect was that there was still a tragic beauty here, where various superheroes and villains appeared, but he had a li.... Show more »


After Being Scumbed

Author: Jiang Yishui Published in: 16h22m
Romance Yuri

Yin Bai once thought that Xiao Nian really loved her. Therefore, she handed over the best resources and brought her to the altar. After she became famous, Xiao Nian kicked her for true love. Yin Bai became the most ridiculou.... Show more »


Mysterious Recovery

Author: Laying flowers in front of the Buddha Published in: 19h22m
Fantasy Xianxia

Five turbid times, hell is empty, ghosts are resurrected, and the world is like a prison. The ghost of this world appeared... Then where is the god? Pray for God to save the world, but there is no god, only ghosts.


I Am the Only One In the Eyes of the Top-ranking Boss

Author: Curator B6 Published in: 22h24m

Tang Man's soul came out of his body in an explosion and found that he had become a ghost, and he could only move within 20 meters of the top-ranking boss Qi Kong. On the first day of being tied up with the top stream, Tang .... Show more »