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After Awakening, I Conquered The Whole World

Author: Gu Mushuang Published in: 24m12s
Drama Romance

When we met for the first time, she said to him: Mr. Song, you are afraid of life soon. People around him said she was a liar and threatened to beat her. At the second meeting, she said to him: Mr. Song, you are going t.... Show more »


Night Crow Master

Author: South African giant Published in: 3h23m

The youth who was fighting in the virtual game, with the game profession "Crow Mage", are reborn in another world. The familiar Middle Ages, the unfamiliar Middle Ages, the extraordinary Middle Ages. The Night Crow Mast.... Show more »


The Hottie

Author: Feng He You Yue Published in: 6h25m
Romance School Life Shoujo Slice of Life

There is a hottie who has just moved in next to Xie’s house. He’s tall, smart, plays basketball, even his nails are the perfect shape… … He is the perfect “child of someone else’s family“. Standing at a h.... Show more »


Traversed 99 Worlds at the Same Time

Author: Feng mocked the phoenix Published in: 9h21m
Action Adventure Fan-Fiction Fantasy Sci-fi

As a non-mainstream traverser who has no system, grandfather, cannot summon, and has no space to carry, Duke cynically stated that the gold finger is an evil way, a stain on the traverser’s great journey, a dregs, a cancer,.... Show more »


Kung Fu Way: Point of No End

Author: 梦入神机 Published in: 12h17m
Action Adventure Comedy Martial Arts Slice of Life Urban Life Wuxia

What is Kung Fu? A showcase or a killing technique? Or a scam brewed during the Three Thousand Years Cold War and countless private conflicts among the people? It’s time to put an end to this war. “If you are invinc.... Show more »


I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses

Author: Su Xianning Published in: 15h19m
Drama Romance

After she wakes up from being reborn, she becomes the little pitiful girl who is sent into a mental hospital by her biological elder brothers. Her biological elder brothers only dote on the fake young miss, the ‘younger sis.... Show more »


The Emperor Summoning System

Author: Righteousness Published in: 18h18m
Action Adventure Fantasy

Ordinary youth, travel through other worlds, and obtain the supreme summoning system! Practice waste? The system automatically upgrades for me! Can't beat you? Ten Thousand Worlds brother summoned at will! Being bull.... Show more »


Super Converged System Upgrades in Seconds

Author: Li Tian Wang Liang Published in: 21h25m
Action Adventure Fantasy Xuanhuan

Those who fuse abilities, gain the ability to control gravity! Fuse the insect king and gain the ability to control the insect swarm! Integrate with the corpse king and successfully control the law of darkness... Chu Xu.... Show more »


The Consort is Sick, We Must Pamper Her

Author: Brazilian Pine Nut Published in: 1d0h
Drama Historical Romance

Prince Qin’s consort was restless while recuperating on the mountain! ——This rumor is true. Prince Qin’s consort will go to the hill next door to find a handsome man! ——This rumor is also true. The emperor w.... Show more »


Sign in a New Species Every Day

Author: One step closer Published in: 1d3h
Action Adventure Fantasy Xuanhuan

"Dip! Sign in successfully and get a new species of sparrow." "Dip! Sign in successfully and get a new species of flamingo." Sparrow + flamingo, congratulations, open the book of divine beasts: Suzaku! Earthworm + sl.... Show more »