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Time Traveler

Author: 骁骑校 Published in: 1h37m
Adventure Romance Sci-fi

A little girl tilts her head and ask, “What are time travelers? ” Professor Fei explains, ” They can leap through space-time, change history, reverse Heaven and Earth, save humanity……they are people that race thr.... Show more »


Warhammer Wizard

Author: Emperor Published in: 4h39m
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Xuanhuan

False wizard: instant shield, flashing and zooming out, a greasy spell paving the ground, five big fireballs, a symbol of knowledge and a fort. The real wizard: bloody rage, body of steel, charge riding face, Waaaaaaaaaaag.... Show more »


The Millennium After Dying Young

Author: 十七 Published in: 7h41m
Fantasy Romance

I originally thought that I had, like others, travelled back in time. In the end, I discovered that it was only a simple job change. A job that appears to be rather simple and comfortable on the surface, but in actualit.... Show more »


Let's Lose A Billion Today First

Author: Mo Ling Published in: 10h41m
Romance Sci-fi

After Chuzheng was inexplicably judged to be dead, his only worry was spending money. Since binding this system, her waist is not sore, her legs are not sore, so she doesn't even breathe, and she lives in fear of spending .... Show more »


Empire BOSS and His Sweet Wife

Author: Yun Ruozhu Published in: 13h38m
Josei Romance

She was drugged by her cousin sister, who mistook the bed of empire junior, and was crushed. After that, he married her, who incarnated a ferocious beast, and plundered her. He is a great personage in the West-harbour city. H.... Show more »