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Una biocomputadora en forma de anillo producida en 3009 dC, que atraviesa el espacio y el tiempo en la cabeza de Du Cheng, un poderoso programa inteligente le permitió a Du Cheng aprovechar el conocimiento de alta tecnología en el próximo milenio.

——Comercio, industria, ciencia y tecnología, Du Cheng liderará el camino, desarrollando alta tecnología del futuro y haciéndose invencible.

—— Desde un niño ilegítimo que fue expulsado de la familia al líder económico, creando un imperio comercial, el futuro de Du Cheng es el camino hacia la gloria máxima.

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Titulo original:最终智能
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Tags:Artificial Intelligence, Beautiful Female Lead, Businessmen, Calm Protagonist, Complex Family Relationships, Economics, Hackers, Harem, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Overpowered Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Pregnancy, Technological Gap,
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19 Comments on “Ultimate Intelligence
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  1. Mc is supper bad on money like he is super poor and can't stay on a job for more thanb3 days thanks to his brother ruining his life and this girl supposedly likes him and on the first date she takes him on a surprise trip to a super expensive clothes store knowing his situation just to buy clothes for herself? I know she intended to pay for it herself but girl you are just going to hurt the Mc and caused him to be looked down on. If not for his golden finger that he got a few days before I would have thought that she was going to humiliate him too like everyone else like girl that's not a place you take a person who is struggling with money she needs to be more sensible than that and she knows that she might hurt him because her family probably is going to look down on him too and create more problems for him because of her selfishness

  2. i have read too many drama, emotional and extremely good pieces that i am itching to find some dumb harem plot which is kinda good and i finally found it

  3. Read 100+ chapters and honestly he doesn't even use the technology/knowledge available to him and around chapter 70 he turns from a great character to one who is driven by sex and desire

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