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Traverser Management System

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Viajero de plano bioquímico: Sistema, quiero convertirme en humano.

Planificador de artes marciales: System, quiero convertirme en un hombre normal.

Xianxia Planar Traveller: System, ¡quiero dominar el mundo de la inmortalidad!

Magic Plane Traverser: System, ¿quiero cambiar el avión?

Zheng Yu arrojó a innumerables viajeros al avión y les envió misiones, ¡solo por un día para perder el sistema y ser libres!

Zheng Yu se sentó en el sofá y miró a los viajeros del lado opuesto: "Si hay ruido, la carga se duplicará".

- Descripción de MTLNovel


Título corto:TMS
Titulo original:穿越者管理系统
Autor(a):The boy under the delicate flowers
Weekly Rank:#3584
Monthly Rank:#5488
All Time Rank:#3918
Tags:Female Protagonist, Interdimensional Travel, Multiple Transported Individuals,
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16 Comments on “Traverser Management System
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  1. Both the MC and system are total crap. Working for the system till you die. MC complains about everything, even when he does things with the system before checking the price, or yelling at the system in a zombie world leading to near death. My opinion is formed from the first few chapters which were enough to chase me off real quick and annoyed.

  2. Prices are also full of illogic 1 starting point - 1 ton of food(grains, meat, fruits,vegetables) 1 starting point-10000 yuan 10000 starting points-a nuclear bomb (ahahah, transition to another world 1000 points and almost an ordinary piece of iron 10000 points) 100 starting points-Aka 47 1 starting point - 10 bullets( 10 bullets cost one ton of food. Balance) Why is the first thing when the Chinese have a cheat, they first think about money?

  3. So afraid of death, but still want to become an ordinary mortal. I am ready to wait and work for 1000 years just to become an ordinary person and give up the chance to be at the top. L-Logic

  4. (@200) I tagged it so people can know what to expect. It's shaky the first 100 chapters. Eventually, it finds its stride and becomes an interesting read.

  5. Just giving an honest opinion. This is most likely this author's first work and they improved a lot throughout writing it.

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