Transmigrating to the 80s to Become Stepmom to Five Bigwigs

Mu Jingzhe traveled through the sweet pet era and became the straw-bag female partner of the heroine control group, and the stepmother of the five children of her newly-dead husband. The five children are like villains. At this time, the five big brothers are still pitiful. After.... Lee mas

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Chapter 481 Small 5 extra Chapter 480 Kokita extra Chapter 479 Yunan Extra

Chapter 478 Shao West Extra Chapter 477 Shao Dong Fanwai Chapter 476 Ending (below) Chapter 475 Ending (on) Chapter 474 Missing into a river, you came by boat Chapter 473 He was alive again! Chapter 472 Buried us in 1 Chapter 471 The most special way to celebrate a birthday Chapter 470 All grown up

Chapter 469 He never had a chance Chapter 468 Are you planning to get married? Chapter 467 3 years later

Chapter 466 Ji family never end Chapter 465 White head, but failed to grow old Chapter 464 Such a wedding of the century Chapter 463 Wedding funeral Chapter 462 The gift in the matryoshka Chapter 461 You hate me hate me all normal Chapter 460 Your life was exchanged for his life Chapter 459 I want her to never know the truth Chapter 458 I will take you to see him

Chapter 457 Flowers in the mirror, moon in the water Chapter 456 We are obviously married Chapter 455 1 dead and 1 injured Chapter 454 I didn't really die when I died, but I went home Chapter 453 I come from 30 years later Chapter 452 Rescue Chapter 451 Shao Dong knows Chapter 450 You protect me with your life, I protect you with your life Chapter 449 Horror Prophecy Chapter 448 Don't marry Don't forget, you will cry Chapter 447 Ji don't forget you are not as good as a beast Chapter 446 Honeymoon

Chapter 445 Shame on the old and disrespectful Chapter 444 You are not good to Jingzhe, I will take her away Chapter 443 The child will be called Yuanbao from now on Chapter 442 With a new love, forget the old love Chapter 441 The worst revenge Chapter 440 2 men got married Chapter 439 Afraid of getting pregnant Chapter 438 You ignite the fire, extinguish it yourself Chapter 437 One lesson for the drifting Shao Xi Chapter 436 The way to make a woman stop, kiss her Chapter 435 I am your amulet Chapter 434 There are 3 calamities in fate, and 1 calamity

Chapter 433 Threat to Shao Qihai Chapter 432 Stomach bleeding Chapter 431 Risk your life to fall in love Chapter 430 Ji does not forget, you are looking for death! Chapter 429 Sharing the same bed Chapter 428 Just pounce on it Chapter 427 This is my boyfriend Chapter 426 Little don't win newlyweds Chapter 425 In love in love Chapter 424 How many children are still perverted? Chapter 423 Scary little skeleton Chapter 422 Little 5 really returns

Chapter 421 Princess hug and prince hug Chapter 420 The nemesis of small 5 Chapter 419 I want to kill her quietly Chapter 418 Shao Qiyun is not dead but crazy Chapter 417 He broke down a long time ago Chapter 416 Don't worry about it anymore Chapter 415 IMHO, a little bit bloody Chapter 414 I have to pull the cushion to die Chapter 413 Shao Qiyun drank pesticides Chapter 412 Surrender or run away? Chapter 411 How can you not be happy Chapter 410 The small 5 match season does not forget and Shao Qiyun

Chapter 409 It really hurt Zhongyong. Chapter 408 If you dare to touch my mother, I will touch your mother too Chapter 407 Be nice to the small 5, or you will get retribution Chapter 406 Zhao Lan was driven to the sheepfold Chapter 405 Ji's family doesn't recognize the small 5 Chapter 404 Mu Jingzhe's Reverse Scale Chapter 403 Then I don't recognize him either Chapter 402 If you miss, you can just say Chapter 401 Little 5 moved away Chapter 400 Made 51 small mouths Chapter 399 She is my mother Chapter 398 You are crazy, you went to find Shao Qiyun

Chapter 397 She turned out to be the one who saved Xiao 5 Chapter 396 Let you also feel the pain of being burned by the fire Chapter 395 Little 5 lit by fire Chapter 394 Darling, you fly slowly Chapter 393 I'll give my daughter to you Chapter 392 Dying Chapter 391 Hit the head and bloom Chapter 390 Ru Shisao Chapter 389 Emma, ​​are you still a pervert? Chapter 388 I didn't give up even after divorce Chapter 387 Love is what you can buy if you want Chapter 386 I have to hurry up and talk about love.

Chapter 385 The old Chinese medicine doctor got 1 Chapter 384 You can't blacken it Chapter 383 Vomit blood again Chapter 382 Because this body is dead? Chapter 381 Selling blood has to be cured Chapter 380 This is the first time I was carried by a man. Chapter 379 Let's have a wedding at the end of the year Chapter 378 Really divorced Chapter 377 Let's go through the divorce procedures Chapter 376 She doesn't want to be terminally ill Chapter 375 Should go through the divorce procedures Chapter 374 Shocked and slapped

Chapter 373 Caught cheating Chapter 372 sick Chapter 371 This is for lunatics Chapter 370 Stunning 4 seats Chapter 369 If you can kill with music, you can save with music Chapter 368 Small 5 first place Chapter 367 Preliminary results Chapter 366 The performance of the small 5 is disappointing Chapter 365 Rogue instrument appearance Chapter 364 I'll touch you again when I go back to the room Chapter 363 International Music Competition Chapter 362 Male match

Chapter 361 Related to derailment Chapter 360 I have to use a feather duster Chapter 359 Little 5 is disobedient Chapter 358 Someone like Xiaobei? Chapter 357 On the daily Chapter 356 It turned out to be performed by Shao Bei? Chapter 355 "Anonymous" released Chapter 354 Go abroad Chapter 353 If it weren't for me, you would be ruined Chapter 352 Clothes are untied Chapter 351 Can't be an old girl Chapter 350 I won't enter the women's toilet

Chapter 349 What do you encounter when you play each other?/a> Chapter 348 Xiao Nan, you also pretend to be Xiao Bei Chapter 347 How come there are 2 Shao Nan? Chapter 346 Shao Nan can still act? Chapter 345 Girl pregnant with a mouse Chapter 344 Pregnancy caused by sanitary napkins Chapter 343 Mice, there are mice Chapter 342 Got sick with your sanitary napkins Chapter 341 What scenes are the kids filming? Chapter 340 Want to make a movie Chapter 339 Shao Xi's new work "Anonymous" Chapter 338 Gave mom a car

Chapter 337 Kneel down and kowtow Chapter 336 Raised an ancestor Chapter 335 You broke the law Chapter 334 Just let Mu Jingzhe raise a small trick Chapter 333 Little fairy gives candy Chapter 332 Child Bridegroom Recruits Di Chapter 331 Good brother refrigerator big seller Chapter 330 Just divorced Chapter 329 The difference between affectionate and harassment Chapter 328 Find a dad who can give birth to a younger sister Chapter 327 Mom, have a sister Chapter 326 You really make me sick

Chapter 325 A placenta is stronger than you Chapter 324 Tore up this mentally retarded thing Chapter 323 You're not a good stepmother at all Chapter 322 Keep big or keep small Chapter 321 She is a crazy woman Chapter 320 Want to use public opinion to persecute Chapter 319 Watching horror movies Chapter 318 Reject 1 million tired Chapter 317 Give mom 1 million Chapter 316 Master of playing with people's hearts Chapter 315 Give you 1 million Chapter 314 It’s not impossible that you insist on marrying into Ji’s family

Chapter 313 2 "Seasons Don’t Forget" Chapter 312 Poisoned in the water? Chapter 311 Take out the knife Chapter 309 How did an illegitimate let him be seen? Chapter 308 Trafficker Chapter 307 Don't want to recognize Ji's family Chapter 306 You Ji family never want to take away the small 5 Chapter 305 This will know how to recognize the small 5 Chapter 304 Little 5's father confirmed Chapter 303 It's not your brother's or yours Chapter 302 Little 5's father is you? Chapter 301 Shao Qiyun bumps into Ji not forgetting

Chapter 300 My size is big Chapter 299 Funny videos happen in reality Chapter 298 Yellow dream Chapter 297 Overflowed Chapter 296 Ji did not forget the surprise prepared Chapter 295 1 There is no reason for earth-shattering love Chapter 294 so similar Chapter 293 The kid on stage... Chapter 292 Master Ji Chapter 291 Large double standard site Chapter 290 He must be the first person to be killed by his son (below) Chapter 289 He must be the first person to be killed by his son (Part 1)

Chapter 288 Tit for tat Chapter 287 1I saw such a hot scene? Chapter 286 I suspect she wants to dive into me Chapter 285 Fulfilling the promise to my mother before Chapter 284 The man my mother likes Chapter 283 This is retribution Chapter 282 Miserable Zhao Lan Chapter 281 People and things that are not known Chapter 280 I will be free from now on Chapter 279 Understanding the divorce agreement 1 Chapter 278 Raising children together Chapter 277 I am in good health, but need

Chapter 276 Mother-in-law driving hard Chapter 275 You are a living widow Chapter 274 I want to fight with eldest brother Chapter 273 The little frog is croaking and croaking Chapter 272 The end solution to children's conflicts Chapter 271 The man who said that he sheds blood without tears? Chapter 270 Murder Chapter 269 The reputation of mother-killing Chapter 268 Wait to bleed and die Chapter 267 Kill for life Chapter 266 The truth about Bailu's dystocia Chapter 265 Knot

Chapter 264 Come back early Chapter 263 Worship in front of Bailu's grave Chapter 262 I think it's the same as if father died or not Chapter 261 Good mother refrigerator? Chapter 260 Who will try on men's underwear? Chapter 259 The man’s money should be handed over to the woman for safekeeping Chapter 258 Shao Dong's business map Chapter 257 Amazing language talent Chapter 256 Junior Military Academy Chapter 255 Do what you can Chapter 254 Dedicated for blackening Chapter 253 Ghost in the middle of the night

Chapter 252 Kill with music Chapter 251 Secret of Little 5 Chapter 250 How about hugging you suddenly? Chapter 249 Jingzhe, are you still divorced? Chapter 248 How does it feel to be left in the toilet? Chapter 247 Little 5 is sick Chapter 246 Listen to the corner Chapter 245 You do it, let me take the wind Chapter 244 Let you taste the taste of being drowned Chapter 243 Shouldn't it be a good thing? Chapter 242 Absolutely deny Chapter 241 Who is the 5th relative's dad?

Chapter 240 Reasons for adoption Chapter 239 I'm going to Shark now, can she do it? Chapter 238 Mu Jingzhe knows Chapter 237 Little 5 heard it Chapter 236 Little 5's biological mother... Chapter 235 3 wives and 4 concubines Chapter 234 Confession Chapter 233 Discover the secret Chapter 232 1 honor 1 injury Chapter 231 Seriously injured Chapter 230 Save people Chapter 229 Clues given by Shao Dong and Shao Nan

Chapter 228 left handed Chapter 227 Shao Dong Shao Nan was tied up Chapter 226 Engage in a career Chapter 225 Boys and girls must protect themselves Chapter 224 Gift with heart Chapter 223 Borrow money Chapter 222 Who is Xiao 5's mother? Chapter 221 You are too broad Chapter 220 Teacher Mu's mother is too pitiful Chapter 219 Escape from the dead Chapter 218 The hunk who cried into tears Chapter 217 Shao Qihai is dead again?

Chapter 216 The smallest queen in history Chapter 215 5 kids were taught Chapter 214 I have been retributed Chapter 213 Hello little surprise Chapter 212 Put you in your pocket and carry it with you Chapter 211 Only when you feel the same can you know the pain Chapter 210 Ji Buwang is here too Chapter 209 Best birthday gift Chapter 208 Horrified birthday Chapter 207 Marriage may be invalidated directly Chapter 206 I won't give in even if it's 1 wife and 2 husbands Chapter 205 Lose a wife? Is it okay to pay you to me?

Chapter 204 Ji did not forget to know Chapter 203 Too good to be ordinary Chapter 202 Normal plan for 5 kids Chapter 201 Design Shao Qihai to do housework Chapter 200 Shao Qihai feels inferior Chapter 199 I only know my mom doesn't know my dad Chapter 198 We support mother's divorce Chapter 197 Go chasing Ai Mu Xue Chapter 196 Do we have to divorce? Chapter 195 You tarnished our parent-child outfit Chapter 194 Do you want to continue to be husband and wife with Shao Qihai? Chapter 193 Want to compensate us?

Chapter 192 Your new wife and new child? Chapter 191 Why do you still have a face back? Chapter 190 Shao Qihai, don't you want to grab the baby with me Chapter 189 Shao Qihai, are you a man or a ghost? Chapter 188 Your 2 brothers are not cold, how dare you Chapter 187 Shao family blood? We are dirty! Chapter 186 Die together Chapter 185 Who use Shao Dong and the others as money-making tools? Chapter 184 Mu Jingzhe does not obey women's way Chapter 183 Take my hand and be responsible Chapter 182 Prepare birthday gifts Chapter 181 Shao Xi published a book

Chapter 180 The little mute is so promising? Chapter 179 Shao Qiyang vomiting blood Chapter 178 1 green hat for my dear brother Chapter 177 Brother, I will treat sister-in-law well Chapter 176 Look familiar Chapter 175 Will be killed Chapter 174 Xiaobei movie released Chapter 173 Can go home soon Chapter 172 I'm not afraid of being poisoned Chapter 171 Take Shao Dong and the others back Chapter 170 Empty joy 1 game Chapter 169 Xiaoxue, Mr. Jingui is here again

Chapter 168 He's already dead, so let's die completely Chapter 167 You guys and dogs Chapter 166 Parent-child dressing up noodles for 5 children Chapter 165 Who gave me your confidence to trouble me Chapter 164 Closed the toilet Chapter 163 Ji don't forget how can you let me down Chapter 162 Lifetime series Chapter 161 Ji did not forget that you were going to be the son-in-law, right? Chapter 160 Poor Shao Qihai Chapter 159 Mu Jingzhe became famous Chapter 158 Old lady Mu steals the old man's shirt Chapter 157 2 Xiaoyi revenges his mother

Chapter 156 I'm not so rich and I don't deserve you Chapter 155 Last time I was innocent Chapter 154 Calculate the eccentric account Chapter 153 Kill you guys Chapter 152 Human wealth 2 empty? Chapter 151 Never make Mu Jingzhe my aunt Chapter 150 Are you Uncle Tang Moling? Chapter 149 The whole family started a career Chapter 148 Jealous Chapter 147 retribution Chapter 146 Mu Xue's hatred Chapter 145 Confession fright

Chapter 144 Then divorce Chapter 143 Women are not bad and men don't love Chapter 142 Mu Jingzhe, you have to be responsible to me Chapter 141 The Tormented Tang Moling Chapter 140 I...I will be responsible for you Chapter 139 I'm your antidote Chapter 138 He will Chapter 137 Misunderstanding Mu Jingzhe Chapter 136 allergy? Chapter 135 Comparable to the observation record of a matchmaker Chapter 134 Someone hit his mother again Chapter 133 Mu Xue's mentality imbalance

Chapter 132 It's your sister-in-law who beat me Chapter 131 Was kicked out? Chapter 130 Murder of husband Chapter 129 I can also become a father Chapter 128 Shao Qihai is here too Chapter 127 Ji does not forget Shao Qiyang meets Chapter 126 Can't touch high voltage Chapter 125 Out-of-print lullaby reproduction Chapter 124 I do not regret Chapter 123 Mom, i will save you Chapter 122 on fire Chapter 121 Meet to go to Ji's house

Chapter 120 protect yourself Chapter 119 I don't want mom to go to jail Chapter 118 Post-autumn accounting education Chapter 117 Find a place Chapter 116 Xiaobei slapped Chapter 115 Child star Chapter 114 engagement Chapter 113 5 bowls of water you have to level Chapter 112 What an enemy is this? Chapter 111 Disappointed Chapter 110 Confess the last words Chapter 109 Bitten by a snake

Chapter 108 Scream Chapter 107 Shao Xi's thoughts Chapter 106 Wind direction reversal Chapter 105 Turning waste into treasure Chapter 104 Then he really died Chapter 103 Shameful shame Chapter 102 Don't save me Chapter 101 Stepdad or dad, which one is better Chapter 100 Shao Qihai Chapter 99 I like you Chapter 98 Ji never forgets the secret Chapter 97 Frame

Chapter 96 Kill for life Chapter 95 died Chapter 94 Bulb Chapter 93 Kiss Chapter 92 The world is going down Chapter 91 Is it difficult to raise 5 children? Chapter 90 Harmonious 2 people Chapter 89 Filming Chapter 88 acquaintance? Chapter 87 Don't be affectionate Chapter 86 Have a baby with Teacher Ji? Chapter 85 Dead body

Chapter 84 Shao Nan Fawei Chapter 83 prevent Chapter 82 Don't please people Chapter 81 Scared Chapter 80 Mother remarried and have children? Chapter 79 The fire of revenge Chapter 78 Called mommy Chapter 77 Mom is back Chapter 76 I want to go back Chapter 75 Has he changed his mind? Chapter 74 Such eccentricity Chapter 73 Sever relationship

Chapter 72 We can't live without her Chapter 71 Please don't take mom away Chapter 70 Fight back Chapter 69 Direct worship Chapter 68 Promised you Chapter 67 Sugar Coated Cannonball Chapter 66 Strange disgust Chapter 65 Sister-in-law Chapter 64 Mystery 1 kind of little 5 mother Chapter 63 Grandma killed mother Chapter 62 Biological mother Chapter 61 changed

Chapter 60 eccentric Chapter 59 Time to find someone Chapter 58 Change one's mouth Chapter 57 Can I call you mother? Chapter 56 We don't want him anymore Chapter 55 I saw dad! Chapter 54 Gangster treats me well Chapter 53 Nothing to do Chapter 52 Revenge for Mu Jingzhe Chapter 51 cry Chapter 50 Counterattack Chapter 49 Marry her home?

Chapter 48 unexpected Chapter 47 Deliberately approach Chapter 46 Musical genius Chapter 45 Run away Chapter 44 Foreign language class Chapter 43 Just want to see you Chapter 42 Facial blindness Chapter 41 Imitation show Chapter 40 Who is the pervert in the end Chapter 39 Behind the attack Chapter 38 Little 5 talk Chapter 37 announcer

Chapter 36 Plagiarism follow suit Chapter 35 Shameful to be cute Chapter 34 Dislike him? Chapter 33 Overlord **** the bow Chapter 32 Coaching Chapter 31 Scared Shao Qihai Chapter 30 Bleeding and sweating without tears Chapter 29 Face slap moment Chapter 28 Do not give in Chapter 27 protect you Chapter 26 Shao Xi was beaten Chapter 25 Never suffer

Chapter 24 Separation Chapter 23 Hit someone Chapter 22 Green hat Chapter 21 Rob Tang Mo Ling? Chapter 20 1 must marry Chapter 21 1 must marry Chapter 19 Propose marriage Chapter 18 Give back a tooth for a tooth, double Chapter 17 hand Chapter 16 mom? Chapter 15 I can drive the car to kindergarten Chapter 14 Kneel down and beg me

Chapter 13 BORROR car Chapter 12 Gave it away Chapter 11 Xiaobei is gone Chapter 10 That's what i should take Chapter 9 Revenge from the hero Chapter 8 Yellow Flower Big Girl Chapter 7 Have to see a doctor Chapter 6 new clothes Chapter 5 Have no idea about you Chapter 4 As powerful as a cow Chapter 3 Seriously injured coma Chapter 2 Reborn

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