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Top-level Air Luck, Quietly Practiced For Thousands of Years (Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years)

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La reencarnación llegó al mundo de cultivar inmortales, Han Jue descubrió que tenía atributos de juego, por lo que podía agitar los dados para refrescar sus raíces espirituales y su suerte.

Desde entonces, pasó once años alterando el clima.

[Peerless Warriors: Immortal, Top Charm]

[Destiny Sword Madness: calificaciones de kendo superior, comprensión de kendo superior]

[Shenfa Juechen: Calificaciones máximas para las calificaciones de Shenfa]

[Descendientes del Emperador Inmortal: Adquiriste una técnica de cultivo inmortal incomparable y 1,000 piedras espirituales de alta calidad]

Para vivir mucho tiempo, Han Jue decidió practicar en silencio y no ser el centro de atención.

Miles de años después, el mundo de la comprensión ha cambiado de generación en generación.

Cuando el mundo de las hadas despejó el mundo de los mortales, Han Jue tuvo que actuar.

¡Solo entonces se dio cuenta de que parecía que los dioses de las hadas no eran más que esto!

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Título corto:TALQPFTY
Titulo original:顶级气运,悄悄修炼千年 / Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years
Autor(a):Let me laugh
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Monthly Rank:#27
All Time Rank:#54
Tags:Absent Parents, Ancient ChinaFanfiction, Ancient Times, Anti-social Protagonist, Army Building, Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Cheats, Clan Building, Cold Love Interests, Comedic Undertone, Cosmic Wars, Couple Growth, Cowardly Protagonist, Cultivation, Cunning Protagonist, Dao Companion, Dao Comprehension, Daoism, Demon Lord, Demons, Determined Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Divination, Dragons, Fan-fiction, Fantasy, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy Magic, Fantasy World, Fast Cultivation, Genius Protagonist, God Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Harem, Heaven, Heavenly Tribulation, Hell, Hiding True Abilities, Immortals, Lazy Protagonist, Level System, Low-key Protagonist, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Multiple Identities, Multiple Realms, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Mythical Beasts, Mythology, Naive Protagonist, Pets, Phoenixes, Polygamy, Power Struggle, Pregnancy, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Rebirth, Reincarnated in Another World, Ruthless Protagonist, Saints, Secret Identity, Sect Development, Selfish Protagonist, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Strong to Stronger, Sword Wielder, System, Underestimated Protagonist, Younger Brothers,
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  1. Give me some spoiler why is he creating the chaos gods when they are of no us use like his other useless disciple they just run into problem an she has to go to save them What if he face a problem what if he what can his useless subordinate do if he can't do it I mean it would make sense to raise subordinate if the system gave reward for that

  2. but it's likely that he is trying to make a force to prepare if he were to fight everyone when the info that he is hongmeng demon god, or he is dark forbidden lord

  3. Wtf the author just keeps creating enemies that counters han jue all the time. From the demon god of curse and now the fate. If this continues I'm guessing that someone in the future could erase the mind control skill of han jue

  4. there is a possibility of the emergence of such an enemy, in the current chapter there have appeared creatures that outlive chaos, lords of darkness, and destiny that threatens MC

  5. thankfully fate is dead and the backer has long been seen. I like having the enemy being known early other than the enemy being so mysterious it really just annoys you especially when the mc is also already super strong

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