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Tokisaki Kumazo’s Plane Journey

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Cuando el espacio principal del dios fue destruido, Mo Xiao, la reencarnación, fue llevado por la bola de luz desconocida, entró al nuevo mundo y se encontró convertido en Tokazaki Kazami.

El primer mundo: el apocalipsis de la escuela, el segundo mundo: el invocador oscuro de los últimos días, el tercer mundo: el universo Marvel, el cuarto mundo: tentativo…

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Título corto:TKPJ
Titulo original:时崎狂三的位面之旅
Weekly Rank:#709
Monthly Rank:#693
All Time Rank:#2248
Tags:Fan-fiction, Female Protagonist, Genderbend, Harem, Male to Female, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Multiple Timelines, Reincarnated in Another World, Shoujo-Ai Subplot, Spatial Manipulation, System, System Administrator, Time Manipulation, World Travel, Yuri,
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20 Comments on “Tokisaki Kumazo’s Plane Journey
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  1. We all know that "Lord God" or "reincarnation" system is the most cruel system, well because it explores the players (most of them go crazy). So those who say "system sucks or something" you're still very naive.. And this FF is also quite rare to include the world from the novel "Apocalypse Summoners" in the 2nd world that I've been reading for a long time.

  2. Well guys I am a Spanish user and I use the google translator to give my opinion of this novel I have read more than 30 chapters of this and I will say this, it is not very good to say but it is not as bad as other Chinese fan fiction novels here I am going to list certain aspects to take if you want to read this 1. the protagonist is strong in terms of combat experience, but he is not strong in the sense of statistical matters 2. The body that he has is Kurumi Tokisaki and not his so perfectly his previous body could be in terms of stronger statistics, although good original Kurumi Tokisa from data live could destroy robot with his bare hands but let's pass that detail. .... 3. Apparently the protagonist has been reborn as 6 I do not understand much from the translation of MTnovel but I think it gives an idea that the protagonist has already experienced death and return to life 4. the protagonist is a slave of the system and also a stingy when he pleases something of the system and this can generate the most curious situations 5. The protagonist was previously a man and his consciousness was transferred to the body of a woman, and he will have some times certain times where he will feel very uncomfortable in the situation of his body and some occasions the protagonist forgets his gender and begins to give most curious situations 6. the protagonist can be influenced by the situation of the environment, he can be very ruthless with people when killing but in the occasions where he communicates with people he can express his opinions 7. Kurumi Tokisaki's body influences the protagonist's mentality, what do I mean at this point? good to be in a situation where you have to kill a person or a creature kurumi tokisaki's body begins to react with a thirst for blood and kills and this affects the mentality of the protagonist well I have nothing more to say so I'll be entertaining myself by reading other novels around here on MTnovel

  3. As far as I read it,mc is slave to system(lord god).He is cruel,enjoy kill cuz when he is in reincarnation space(I dont undersrand),he killed alot to survive(I dont understand again but maybe).When that space is destroyed,he became Tokisaki but only appearance.To exchange abilities,he must earn point.If he fail mission,there is punishment. So,basically this is normal system with male to female tag XD

  4. you are wrong on basically everything you just wrote.The mc tries to actively escape the influence of the main god (system) cause he keeps stealing power from her. She so far helped all mc´s of the orginal world and even shared her food with them.

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