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Tokisaki Kumazo’s Plane Journey

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Cuando el espacio principal del dios fue destruido, Mo Xiao, la reencarnación, fue llevado por la bola de luz desconocida, entró al nuevo mundo y se encontró convertido en Tokazaki Kazami.

El primer mundo: el apocalipsis de la escuela, el segundo mundo: el invocador oscuro de los últimos días, el tercer mundo: el universo Marvel, el cuarto mundo: tentativo…

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Título corto:TKPJ
Titulo original:时崎狂三的位面之旅
Weekly Rank:#1236
Monthly Rank:#1349
All Time Rank:#2010
Tags:Alternate World, Amnesia, Artificial Intelligence, Beautiful Female Lead, Black Belly, Bloodlines, Calm Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Fast Learner, Female Protagonist, Firearms, Genderbend, Interdimensional Travel, Male to Female, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Modern World, Multiple Timelines, Pets, Race Change, Reincarnated in Another World, Scientists, Shoujo-Ai Subplot, Sister Complex, Spatial Manipulation, Strong to Stronger, System, System Administrator, Time Manipulation, Vampires, Wealthy Characters, World Travel, Younger Sisters, Yuri, Zombies,
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32 Comments on “Tokisaki Kumazo’s Plane Journey
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  1. Does anyone know the title of this novel? i first found it on jjwxc The female Mc enters the abo world and becomes an alpha. There are 3 heroines - cheerful reporter with scar body and there is a scene where she is being chased by gangsters and they pretend to kiss - school idol and mc find out that she often eats sweets secretly" on the school roof - an idol disguised as a nerd. they are all teenagers

  2. hey the two light novels with the same plot and should not be confused in a "reincarnate guy" like tokisaki kuromi but then he finds out that he was actually always her, but she was reincarnated in a male body and returned to her original body and has the one that the guy goes like Reincarnetion paradise this was translated from google

  3. I’m at the MCU arc and we’ve jumped into a spell of “nationalism.” It suggested that only Chinese can construct high quality buildings and do it faster… another funny incident is where red queen goes to steal a satellite feed and the support team that’s fighting her fails and is called a bunch of rice buckets… Totally an American quote there lol.

  4. Well... After she descovered that she wasn't the reincarnator but kurumi, she has an existential crisis. Well, i read a couple more chapters before i drop. It is too much for this... I don't like tragedy and there are tragedy here and there.

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