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Time Space: Spoiled By the Rough Man Husband

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Shen Man nunca pensó que el perro se lo llevaría porque salió a comprar productos y luego se convirtió en el mismo nombre en el mundo paralelo.

Las condiciones en casa no son buenas y mi hermana está preocupada y tiene miedo de que descubran que no es el original.

¿Así es como se hace?

¡Xin Yiheng empacó su equipaje y se fue directamente al campo!

Pase lo que pase, si tienes un dedo de oro, ¿aún tienes miedo de ir al campo?

Es solo que Shen Man nunca imaginó que él, que siempre ha sido un solitario, sería robado por un tipo rudo.

Un tipo rudo: ¿Te está robando el corazón? ¡Quiero gente!

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Título corto:TSSBRMH
Titulo original:年代空间:被糙汉老公宠上天
Autor(a):I tried my best
Weekly Rank:#285
Monthly Rank:#416
All Time Rank:#3177
Tags:Early Romance, Female Protagonist, Magical Space, Transmigration,
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10 Comments on “Time Space: Spoiled By the Rough Man Husband
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  1. I don't dislike it. I just find the main character has a personality of a houseplant. Maybe like the little cactus plant you find interesting enough when it's time to water it. But kind of forget about it mostly cuz it doesn't need much tending to. Blah but warm.

  2. Padahal q sudah semanagat nunggu ceritanya update tp setelah update q liat tagnya weak protagonis huff jd malas baca,apalagi masih belum complite lebih baik ga bca daripada gantung

  3. Dropped at chapter 31. Im not sure how old she was before she dies but she had a successful business and her space [keeps things fresh only] was well used in her time. She dies and wakes up a weak 18 yr old who was bullied by her family to go to the country side. Girl can barely do anything without falling sick and she does, so much so that half the time she is just laying in bed recovering or being sick. Thats really boring to read when the author does it again and again and again. Once shes in the north country she quickly sucks up to the GU family and gives them things left and right.... For no reason other than she is friends with the daughter that she just met. Granted the gu daughter did take her to the doctor when she once again fell sick. So in a time of hardship she buys alot of dumplings for the girl,which with her limited funds seems a bit much but ok return the favor and wipe the slate clean. Never mind she turns around and gives away a lot of sugar which for then was super expensive, then buys and cooks 3 big fish for the GU family and little things in between. This is just by chapter 31. This from a girl who ignores her fellow "educated youth" for one reason or another and was wary of people in her last life but has no issue with hugging this gu family thigh all while giving things out left and right. Of course this leads to the family trying to pair her with the second son and who I think is ML Gu Chen. [And i can see why the family would, here is a high school educated girl who has no issue giving away expensive things over and over again for a friend, what would she do for her in laws?] And what do you know so very quickly and barely even spoke to each other they are now dating *face palm* because of course they are. Im bored with it already because its the cliche girl who was originally wary and cold suddenly warm to this family she just met. Plus her goal when she transmigrated over was "make money [not sure how when she is giving things away free] and wait for entrance exams and restart/create her business again. To now that she is in the country her thoughts are " find a man, get married and have many babie then MAYBE do business but only if the family comes first!" wtf! She transmigrated over a strong independent woman who was going to have a better life to "ehh i just want a man and babies". Between that change of priorities and her laying in bed sick half the time its just a let down. If your expecting a school or business oriented female lead with a space who can easily make money and will then at least by chapter 30 this isnt for you. If you want to read how she lays in bed sick or always cold for half the time while fitting in sucking up to a family while cold to everyone else and whos goals went from school and business to looking for marriage and babies then this is for you. If someone reads past 31 and it gets better or she actually does something other than be sick or up the GU family butt let me know, id be happy to read a good space novel.

  4. Hello ive read all of the chapter's its actually good the Gu family from what ive observed they're family is nice people they didn't take advantage of what the fl give and the ml he is a very good husband my rate would be he is 9/10. Its actually a good novel its 8/10 for me if i rate it.

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