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The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days

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Bai Qingqing se transformó en una novela de campo de Asura en el fin del mundo y se convirtió en carne de cañón femenina. Debido a que estaba celosa de la heroína, puso a todos en peligro y finalmente uno de sus admiradores la arrojó a una pila de zombis.

En este momento, ella transmigró cuando acababa de drogar al protagonista masculino y su vida estuvo inmediatamente en peligro.
Sistema: "Ding, abre el guión rompecorazones, por favor seduce a los protagonistas masculinos para completar la tarea".
Bai Qinqing: “…”
Cuando volvió a abrir los ojos, fingió tener amnesia y gritó dulcemente: “Hermano”.
El hombre miró a la niña que se estrelló contra sus brazos, se frotó los labios con el dedo y arqueó las cejas: “¿… hermana?”
Bai Qingqing sonrió, sus ojos llenos de sinceridad.

No solo tenía que convertirse en un té verde, sino que también necesitaba ser un pequeño loto blanco. Tuvo que darle calor al Gran Hermano A, tuvo que darle medicina al Gran Hermano B y tuvo que bloquear el arma para el Gran Hermano C. Más tarde, de repente se separaron.


Cuando los zombis asaltaron la fortaleza y los humanos estaban a punto de extinguirse, un grupo de extrañas bestias apareció para devorar a los zombies, y Bai Qingqing, de pie sobre una planta mutante, usó sus poderes para acabar con todos al azar.
¿Es este el débil y lamentable que todos los grandes buscan como locos?


Los animales y plantas de alto rango que repelieron la marea de zombis siguieron obedientemente a Bai Qinqing. Se sentó en una silla hecha de enredaderas y dijo: "Puedo salvar la ciudad, pero tú tienes que pagar".
El señor de la fortaleza apareció en la muralla y con profundos ojos negros, sonrió: “Mientras te quedes, tanto la base como tu hermano te serán entregados”.
Bai Qinqing: "???" ¡En realidad había fingido su muerte!


Bai Qingqing: ¡Me mentiste!
Fu Chen: ¿No me mentiste también?

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Título corto:TVFCEOD
Titulo original:穿成末世修罗场女配
Autor(a):Jīn Fēi
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Tags:Apocalypse, Beautiful Female Lead, Cold Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Manipulative Characters, Reverse Harem, Special Abilities, Strong Love Interests, System Administrator, Transmigration, Underestimated Protagonist, Weak to Strong, Zombies,
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  1. que triste, muy triste me hubiera gustado q ella tambien agarrara la mano del emperador zombie shen, a pesar de q era una orden del sistema para acercarse a shen, por lo men os algo de cariño tubo q tenerle. que mala quingquing, me puso triste

  2. Bueno solo estoy aquí para preguntar si alguien conoce el nombre de una novela que es más o menos así... La trama comienza cuando la protagonista femenina despierta y se da cuenta de que está en el cuerpo de una carne de cañón a la que apenas se menciona y la madre del villano. También el echo de que comenzaré muy pronto un apocalipsis zombie. Así que convence a sus padres y hermano de mudarse a un lugar donde será la base en un futuro... Después la protagonista no tiene un bebé si no gemelos un niño y una niña... La página donde leía desapareció y no recuerdo el nombre tenía unos 800 capítulos 😅😅😅

  3. Chapter 112 Chapter 112 (1/2) "Qing Qing--!" The hoarse shout was drowned in the cheers of the enthusiastic crowd at the base. Xiao Yang, Cheng Rui, and Liang Zhiyu rushed towards the girl frantically. Their eyes were distraught, their expressions were embarrassed, and they lost the calmness and indifference of being a superior. The girl kneeling on the ground holding Fu Chen disappeared out of thin air, disappearing into light like little stars. Liang Zhiyu suddenly fell to his knees and vomited a mouthful of blood. His hair was quickly whitening with his naked eyes. He squeezed his hands on the ground, his jade-like face was twisted and ferocious, and scarlet blood came from his ears, eyes, and nose. The mouth came out, and the picture was terrifying and shocking. They watched Qingqing disappear out of thin air, as if they had never been in this world. Xiao Yang rushed for a moment, looking around with crimson eyes, what is going on, why did Qingqing suddenly disappear? What is going on! Xiao Yang staggered and rushed over, grasping Liang Zhiyu's collar with both hands, with blue veins bursting out of his forehead, and screamed in sorrow, "Brother Liang, hurry up and use superpowers, hurry up!" Liang Zhiyu's pupils lost their light, they were empty and terrifying, but his heart was ashamed. People who play with time will be played with time after all. Even if he exhausted all his abilities to change the time against the sky, he still couldn't reverse it and rescue Qing Qing back. In just half a second, he twisted it dozens of times, and his body reached its limit. No matter how Xiao Yang yelled at Liang Zhiyu, he couldn't respond. The helpless pain was sharper than a sharp knife, and it pierced their hearts fiercely. Human sorrows and joys are not interlinked. When people cheer for the world to win victory, they don't know that the person who saved them has died. ... In the seventh year of the last days, several years have passed since mankind defeated the mutant zombies. After humans defeated zombies, they faced the harsh environment. Rebuilding their homes was not as easy as imagined. The post-apocalyptic world was destroyed in the eyes, and the construction land, hills, and oceans all needed to be filtered and cleaned. All the zombies were killed, but the abilities in the human body did not disappear. Humans with abilities have no zombie enemies, but the social order is more violent/chaotic. Fu Chen woke up on the day Qing Qing disappeared, and a round ball called what system told him that it was Qing Qing that exchanged his life with lucky coins. The lucky coin was her treasure back home, but she gave it to him. Fu Chen's heart twitching pain was unbearable. He told the system that he did not want this life, but the system told him that the transaction had been completed and could not be changed. In fact, he had long realized that she was not Bai Qingqing, so he asked her on the wall that night if she would stay with him, but she did not answer him. She wanted to go home so much, but exchanged the lucky coin for his life. His Qingqing is so stupid. Fu Chen once thought that as long as she was willing to stay with him, she would spend her whole life spoiling her. The separation of life and death, the separation of life and life is the most bitter, every minute of every second of time is like a blade, splitting his heart. Even if he can't meet each other, he still thinks she is doing well in the other world. The system said that as long as he was willing to exchange his soul and luck, he would have the opportunity to see Qingqing again. Of course he was willing. As long as he could exchange her back, it would be worth all his life. ... The wall of the human base has not been demolished, the zombies have been extinct, but many mutant plants and beasts have not died yet, and occasional animal tides will occur. The winter night was so cold that the guards were patrolling the city wall, and when they saw two figures approaching face to face, their hearts shrank, and they immediately became ten times more energetic. Xiao Yang and Fu Chen walked side by side, and they walked straight up to the highest wall, standing in the cold winter night, looking out at the dark night. There are several spots in the night sky dotted with black curtains. I still remember that he, Ge Fu, and Qing Qing were also standing on the roof of the car in the same way, looking at the night in the distance. At that time, even though they were in the wilderness and plains, there were crises everywhere, they still had hope for the future in their hearts, but Jin Qingqing was not there, no matter how beautiful the night scene was, they lost their mood. "Brother Fu, I want to see Qingqing tomorrow," Xiao Yang said. Fu Chen Junmei's profile was cold, and she said something lightly. An empty and concise room with a sense of science and technology. In the center is a crystal glass coffin, and a girl lies in the transparent crystal coffin. She is as quiet as a gentle moon, lying quietly in the crystal coffin, her body is nourished by the cold mist, her skin is almost transparent, like a sleeping princess in a fairy tale. Four years ago, they all thought that Qingqing was dead, and Fu Chen didn't know where to find her body and placed it in this elaborate crystal coffin. She fell asleep and never woke up again. Fu Chen's eyes were deep, staring at her closely. The girl lying there quietly is as lifeless as a puppet doll, she will no longer look at him with clear and beautiful eyes, nor will she call his brother cutely and cutely. "Brother Fu, can Qingqing really wake up?" Xiao Yang asked. For four full years, Fu Chen was still waiting, he was waiting, they were all waiting for Qingqing to wake up, but she didn't even show any signs of waking up. Fu Chen glanced over the flower pot placed on the locker next to the crystal coffin, and said, "Yes." The system told him before leaving that as long as she kept her body well, she would wake up sooner or later, no matter how many years he would wait, even for a lifetime, he would guard her and wait for her to wake up. Chapter 112: Chapter 112 (Part 2/2) nbsp;Xiao Yang watched quietly for a while, his eyes were reddish, and his heart was suffocated. He couldn't wait and turned and left the room. Only Fu Chen and the sleeping beauty were left in the huge ice room. The little wisteria flower in the flowerpot next to the crystal coffin was a little sluggish and listless. He picked up the small kettle and poured some water on it. After watering the water, the little wisteria flower immediately became energetic, stretching the branches and leaves like a living thing, and trying to wrap his fingers with the branches and leaves, as if to greet him. Fu Chen is not surprised, mutant plants are all human, but he is not in the mood to pay attention to a mutant plant, put down the small water bottle and returned to the crystal coffin, staring deeply at the sleeping girl. "Qing Qing." He opened the crystal coffin, leaned over the coffin, and stared at the girl with her eyes closed, and said, "How long do you have to sleep? Wake up soon, OK." "I built a snow park for you in Jingzhou, skiing and snowballing, little penguins, snow foxes, you have all the animals you like, you can do whatever you want." The man stretched out his well-knotted hand and gently and nostalgicly stroked the girl's cold face. Her eyelashes were like frost, and her delicate eyebrows were like icy creatures. He is not afraid of the cold, and still talks to himself: "If you don't wake up, the snow will melt in a while." In the quiet and pure white room, he was like a madman, speaking alone for a long time. He stayed in the ice room for most of the day. Before leaving, he leaned over and gently kissed the girl's smooth forehead, "Tomorrow I'm going out to the far door, and you have to come back obediently." The crystal coffin closes automatically, leaving a cold room alone. He didn't see that when he turned and left, the little wisteria in the flowerpot had two branches and leaves akimbo, looking very angry. ... When Fu Chen died, Qingqing was heartbroken and desperate, unable to breathe. When people were overwhelmed with sadness, there was really no way to speak. The five senses seemed to disappear instantly, and she didn't hear the system announce that the task was completed. It wasn't until the vomiting and bleeding came out of her mouth and the body began to slowly dissipate, and she suddenly recovered, and a systemic voice came from her ears. [Host, you have completed the task, whether you choose to use lucky coins to resurrect. 】 She kept vomiting blood because her body couldn't support it. It was troublesome to explain, and the system explained it carefully to her. Bai Qingqing is not Qingqing, but Bai Qingqing of Qingqing 2.0 version is her no matter what world she is in. Now the system gives her two choices. First, use lucky coins to leave and return to another world, and second, use lucky coins to resurrect and stay in this world. And she proposed the third option, to resurrect Fu Chen with lucky coins. She thought the soul would disappear and die, and the system told her compassionately that she could be resurrected then…… Grass is a kind of plant. The opportunity for the soul to return to the body was that Fu Chen gave her a true love kiss. This is definitely the evil taste of the system, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty is a person anyway, let me ask who would be so perverted to kiss a plant. Gan! For four years, the dog man ignored her completely, except for occasionally watering her, he didn't even see her directly. In addition to staring at her body every day, she sleeps to absorb the nutrients in the air. She is bored to the point of moldy, and she wants to jump out of the soil. Give the dog man another month, Qingqing swears in her heart that if he doesn't recognize him, she will run away from home, hum. ... One month passed quickly. Fu Chen hadn't been here even once, as if only her and her soulless body were left in this lonely space. You are so angry. She is going to run away from home to find other wild men. As soon as she took the first step, someone immediately helped her take tens of millions of steps. Apart from Fu Chen in this room, only Xiao Yang could visit once. When he walked into the room and saw the flowerpot smashed on the ground, his brows were slightly frowned, and he walked over and squatted down and stared at the little wisteria on the ground. "Strange, how could it fall to the ground." The empty room is completely closed, it can be said to be airtight, even a mosquito can't fly in, how could this potted flower suddenly hit the ground. Qing Qing Yan looked at him and waved his branches: I'm tired of this place, take me away. The flowerpot was broken, Xiao Yang had to hold the little wisteria in the soil with both hands, glanced at the girl who was still sleeping, and took the little wisteria away. Xiao Yang returned home with the little wisteria, found a new flower pot and put her in the living room. "Where is the flower?" A gentle voice came. Xiao Yang turned to look at the white-haired man and said, "Brother Liang, when did you come?" Liang Zhiyu smiled faintly: "It just arrived soon." He glanced at the little wisteria and said, "Can you send me off?" Xiao Yang subconsciously wanted to refuse, Liang Zhiyu narrowed his fox's eyes and smiled gently, "I'm so stingy, I won't give you a pot of flowers." Xiao Yang pursed his lips displeased, and tightened the flowers. I didn't know that a few days later, the wisteria was still taken away by Liang Zhiyu and followed him to the snowfield base. Chapter 113 Chapter 113 Qingqing deeply doubted that Liang Zhiyu had insight into her soul, otherwise how could she take away other people's flowers properly. Oh, don't ask if you are stealing. This flower thief. The accompanying subordinates looked at the leader holding a pot of flowers in his left hand, and his face was full of question marks. Are there no flowers in our snowfield base? Where did you buy a pot of flowers, and you want to take it back as if you got some treasure. Could it be that the flowers of the Jingzhou base are more fragrant? Qingqing was afraid that the old fox would see anything. The little fairy who usually stretched out its branches and fangs and danced its claws, behaved as a plant obediently, without moving. In this way, she was held in the car by Liang Zhiyu and set off on the road to the snowy base. Xiao Yang searched the villa but didn't find the small wisteria flower. He was furious at home and scared the servants to tremble. After monitoring him, he discovered that the pot flower had been taken away by the old fox two days ago. His angry Qiqiao made smoke, and his heart was even more panic. Fu Chen would definitely ask him to settle accounts if he didn't see the flowers when he came back. Just thinking of this, the foreign servant hurried in to announce: "Shao Xiao, Shao Fu is here." A slender figure appeared, a man wearing a combat uniform, with a scar on Jun's face, adding a bit of fierceness to him. "Xiao Yang." The man's cold voice was mixed with anger. Xiao Yang was so scared that he immediately passed by, obediently: "Brother Fu." Fu Chen looked at him coldly with dark eyes: "Where are the wisteria flowers in Qingqing's room?" Xiao Yang scratched his head, a little embarrassed and guilty. The potted flower was the only item in Qingqing's room. He took it out and was stolen by others. There was no way to return it. He "Brother Fu, listen to me to explain..." Fu Chen interrupted coldly: "Where?!" He had a black face like Yan Wangye, he didn't even listen to the explanations, and it made people tremble to death. Xiao Yang immediately pushed the pot: "Liang Zhiyu took it away, Brother Fu, I told him not to give it to him, so the old fox secretly took it away. I really don't blame me." Fu Chen scratched him with an eye knife, and said coldly, "I will clean up you when I come back." The system said that the potted flower was the key to Qingqing's waking up, so he put the small wisteria flower next to the crystal coffin, took good care of it, and checked it almost every day. He was on a long mission, and the flowers were stolen, and he almost went crazy with anger. Before returning to the Jingzhou base, he rushed to the snowy base without stopping, and ordered his subordinates to use the car as a rocket to catch up with Liang Zhiyu as soon as possible. The sun was very strong at noon, and people's skin was burning from the sun, and the wisteria flowers placed in the car were irradiated by the light, and the whole body was very uncomfortable. Qing Qing stopped hanging down on the branches, feeling very upset, she would be drying out like this, damn it. When she was complaining, a shadow covered the scorching sun, she raised the branch and looked at it. Liang Zhiyu stood outside the car and blocked all the light for her, staring at her thoughtfully. Qingqing was horrified by what he looked at. Suddenly, the corner of the man's lips twitched, and he leaned over from the car window and hugged her out. Those subordinates who were resting, chatting and eating, saw Liang Zhiyu taking out the flowers and taking them to the shade of the trees to enjoy the cool, and they also poured water on her carefully with their hands, and their eyes widened in surprise. The war between humans and zombies was recorded in history, and it was heard that several al-Qaeda bosses lost their loved ones. Especially the leader Liang of their snowfield base, his head turned white in an instant. How many women cry for him, and feel sorry for this man to the extreme. A few years have passed since the leader has not married a wife, nor can he have thoughts about other women. Now he has a warm look in his eyes at a pot of flowers, which I have to say, looks very strange. Chief, won't you be crazy? Liang Zhiyu didn't know that his subordinates were thinking about everything, and looked at him with complicated eyes. He poured some water on the little wisteria and saw that it was in better condition. He touched her branches and leaves with his fingers. As soon as he touched a little bit, it shrank the branches and leaves to avoid it. Liang Zhiyu squinted his eyes slightly, and the corners of his lips evoked a funny smile, maybe he didn't guess wrong. "Little guy, is that you?" If Qingqing had an expression, she would definitely have an angry look. Fu Chen hadn't touched her branches and leaves, and he actually did something to her. Liang Zhiyu's good-looking fox had soft eyes, and said gently: "Are you angry?" He chuckled and said, "I remember you still owe me an answer. You want to go to the snowfield base. Can I take you there for fun?" The subordinates looked at the appearance of Liang Zhiyu talking to himself, their expressions became more complicated, and they went crazy. I heard that Fu Chen, the boss of the Jingzhou base, became a lunatic after losing his lover. Unexpectedly, their leader would also have problems with the spirit, speaking to a mutant plant that could not understand humans. The subordinates were still guessing whether the leader was mad or not, and another madman chased him. The snowfield base was surrounded by Fu Chen alone. He jumped out of the car with a gloomy and terrible expression. He started with the lightning ability and directly slashed towards Liang Zhiyu. Now that there are no zombies, several major bases are connected to each other. The leaders used to be friends, and the relationship between interests is not very good, but it is not bad enough to do it. Fu Chen came over with an ability that made people unresponsive. Liang Zhiyu seemed to have been prepared for a while, the space in front of him was twisted for a moment, and the lightning ability disappeared out of thin air. The subordinates recovered, staring at Fu Chen warily, extremely nervous. Fu Chen is powerful and terrifying, and everyone is probably not his opponent together. I don't know why he is furious, and he will do it without saying hello. Liang Zhiyu held the flowerpot and looked at Fu Chen, with a smile on his warm face, alienated and cold, and said, "There is no need to do it directly." Fu Chen stretched out his hand and said word by word: "Return, give, me." The atmosphere between the sky and the earth was suddenly bitter, the dark clouds blocked the sun's rays, the purple thunder and lightning intertwined in the thick clouds, and the atmosphere of terror spread in the air. The people in the snowfield base were frightened to death, and looked at Fu Chen with solemn expression. This man was really crazy, but just a pot of flowers, he was moved with the intention of killing. Liang Zhiyu wasn't afraid of Fu Chen, but he felt that after the appearance of Fu Chen, the aura of Little Wisteria became a lot more active. He walked over with the flowerpot and returned the little wisteria to its owner. Fu Chen took the flower without saying a word, turned his head and left, got on the off-road vehicle, leaving behind a string of exhaust gas. The subordinates who had eaten a few bites of dust did not know what to do. That was how Fu Chen chased them for a pot of flowers, and their leader just returned it to him. Liang Zhiyu looked at the off-road vehicle going away, knowing that the car had turned into a small black spot and disappeared at the end of the road. He sighed and turned his head and said: "Let's go, go back." The off-road vehicle was racing fast on the highway, the flowerpot placed on the passenger seat shook slightly, and the branches and leaves of the small wisteria trembled as if dancing. Qingqing was a little dizzy. If she was in a human form, she would definitely vomit. Wherever this person is driving, he is clearly driving a fighter jet. No, no, if this goes on, she will roll over and roll to the bottom of the seat, snorting and slamming the brakes, the flowerpot can't control the forward leaning under the force, and she will fall out of the passenger seat. One hand caught the fallen flowerpot, and the man held the flowerpot in his big hand and placed it in front of his eyes. Fu Chen stared at the small wisteria flower in the flowerpot, with deep black eyes, Chapter 113 Chapter 113 Blink, as if to see something through the little wisteria flower. Qing Qing tensed instantly, feeling like being stared at by a wild beast. Fu Chen's aura is strong and oppressive, even the air seems to stagnate, it is difficult to breathe freely under his close eyes. If it were in the past, Qingqing would definitely wrap her branches and leaves excitedly, hoping that he would recognize her soon, and she would return to her body to regain a new life. She was left in the room for a month before she didn't want to talk to him. In short, she was very angry and didn't want to pay attention to him, which made him feel more uncomfortable. Fu Chen stared deeply at the small wisteria flower, systematically saying that this mutant plant was the key to Qingqing's waking up. He hadn't told anyone about it. Even Xiao Yang only thought the potted flower was an ornamental. Liang Zhiyu stole the flowers suddenly, and something must have been discovered. For four years, he spent every day in torment, looking forward to the day when Qingqing woke up. He also suspected that the system was lying to him, but he was powerless and could only wait. Qingqing, who had been pretending to be dead, looked at the man's eyes with redness, her expression was sullen and sad, her soft heart seemed to be stabbed by a sharp knife, and the pain could not be ignored. Brother Fu is really an idiot, she is right in front of him and is alive. Qingqing stretched out the branches and leaves to caress the man's handsome face, calmly with her gentle movements, hurry up to discover the secret, let me wake up. Fu Chen never took care of this weird plant. For some reason, he felt Qingqing right in front of him at this moment, stretching out his hand with distinct joints to hold her branch. Perhaps he missed her so much that he had the illusion of holding Qing Qing's hand. The two branches of the little wisteria held his face like hands, as if comforting him, the flowers floated gently. Fu Chen quickly cleared up his emotions, put the wisteria flower in the passenger seat and entangled it with a seat belt. This time he drove slowly back to the base in Jingzhou. Life is not easy, Qingqing sighed. Plant Real TM is not for human beings, except for boring it is boring. Fu Chen took her back to the Jingzhou base and put it there. In the past, he would only stare at her body. Now he has given her a few more eyes, watering her more frequently and more carefully than before, and will use it. Wipe her gently with a damp cloth. This kind of wiping is similar to helping someone take a bath, Qingqing endures the shame, and doesn't use a branch to draw his face. Every day, she waited for Fu Chen's kiss, and waited until she was desperate without expectation, thinking that she would live like this. One day when he was ‘bathing’ her, he inadvertently wiped and kissed her. Then, her eyes went dark and she lost consciousness. ... It's so cold, it's almost dead, how can it be so cold, the place where she stays is obviously a constant temperature. Qingqing opened her eyes laboriously, her sight slowly became clear, she saw a mirror, and there was a sudden suddenness in her mind. The crystal glass coffin reflected light, illuminating her appearance. She was lying in it in a complicated white dress, surrounded by cold mist, and she shivered at the extreme low temperature. Qingqing was stunned, did she return to her body? She wanted to raise her hands, probably because she hadn't moved for a long time, she was stiff and unable to move, and footsteps came from her ears. The familiar footsteps were approaching, and her heartbeat was getting faster and faster, as if she was about to jump out of her chest, and she closed her eyes subconsciously. There was a slight automatic opening sound, and his eyes fell on her as if it were real, he told her some love words as usual, and leaned down to drop a gentle and affectionate kiss on her forehead. Her eyelashes trembled slightly and she opened her eyes. As soon as Fu Chen got up, he met a pair of beautiful eyes, completely stunned, thinking that he was in a dream. Qingqing blinked her eyes, a little innocent in her confusion, smiled and opened her lips: "Brother?" Suddenly, she lost her memory when she saw him for the first time. The first thing she saw was him. She mistakenly identified her as her brother and relied on him ever since. Fu Chen's dark eyes were deep, and he reached out his hand to pinch her chin, kissed her directly, and sighed, "My younger sister asked my brother to kiss him." "?" Qingqing blushed instantly, pushing him in shame and angrily, "Where is the brother kissing the younger sister, get up and drive." Fu Chen took her out of the crystal coffin, closed it, and then pressed her on it and kissed her hard, no matter how she struggled, he madly kissed her. Qingqing was still struggling at first, but in the end she was sore and feeble, she fell into his arms, her lips were kissed with blood, slightly swollen, and the petals were delicate and dripping. He didn't let her go, and directly rectified her on the spot. The passage of time seemed to have nothing to do with the two of them. She fell asleep and woke up. He was still tossing, but she was ashamed and angry, and still refused to give in. He seemed to be eating her and swallowing his belly to feel her existence. Qingqing was really weak, and she was hugged and walked out of the room. She buried her head in his arms along the way, for fear of being seen. Xiao Yang was about to visit Qingqing, but when Fu Chen came out holding a man, his eyes were dull. Fu Chen didn't look at him, and moved his long legs to hold the person back to the interior of the office. After a long time, he took the person out of the bathtub and put him on the bed to wipe her hair. After she woke up, she was held in his arms and fed again. From dressing to eating, she did not move her hands. Qingqing was completely awake and wanted to go out a week later. Originally, she was moldy in the flowerpot and wanted to go out. She didn't know that after waking up, he was confined in the room again. Not to mention going out, she even had a chance to be sober. less. "Yes." Fu Chen promised her to go out, with conditions: "Go and get the certificate first." Qingqing confused: "Get the certificate?" Is there still a certification organization in the last days? Fu Chen said indifferently: "It has always been." It doesn’t matter if you get the morning collar or the evening collar. The only requirement is to put on a beautiful make-up first and wear a particularly beautiful one. The working time of the certification agency is nine o'clock, and he was domineering that night to let people get up from the bed and come to work to stamp him. Fu Chen put away the two books, saying that she would lose them and let him hide it best. "I'll look at it again." Qingqing hadn't seen enough for the first time she got the certificate. Fu Chen didn't give it. The girl in the photo with a light smile was too touching, making people want to possess domineeringly and not let anyone watch. "I'll just take a look, just one look." Qingqing was eager. Fu Chen hugged her and kissed her: "Be good, go back and look again." He was afraid he couldn't help it. On the way back, Fu Chen asked, "What kind of wedding do you want?" "Anything will do?" "Okay." He was pampered. Qingqing smirked: "I will be the bridegroom and you will be the bride." "..." In the end, he answered a word. - You are a gift given to me by God, and it is also my life's inevitable disaster. ——End:

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