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The Studious Goddess Is Not To Be Provoked

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Después del renacimiento, Xia Wei’an está decidida a vivir una vida maravillosa.

Como resultado, del cabrón al tirano académico, de los transeúntes a la reina de las sombras.

En el camino, luchando contra la madrastra hipócrita, torturando a la hermanastra del loto blanco y luchando contra la basura.

Repele a todos los demonios y monstruos, invencible.

¡Es solo que el Emperador de Kioto es un poco difícil de tratar!

Se dice que los hombres persiguen a las mujeres por la montaña y las mujeres persiguen el hilo intermedio de los hombres.

Pero, ¿cómo siente Xia Wei'an que este camino de perseguir hombres no solo está separado por una montaña, sino también por un río?

Veamos cómo nuestro emperador de Kioto ahogado, de vientre negro, dedicado y gentil cavó un gran agujero para Xia Wei’an.

Luego, paso a paso la llevó a tomar la iniciativa de caminar hacia el pozo.

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Título corto:TSGINTBP
Titulo original:学霸女神惹不起
Autor(a):Jingshen Yan
Weekly Rank:#8878
Monthly Rank:#7642
All Time Rank:#3999
Tags:Acting, Amnesia, Beautiful Female Lead, Celebrities, Cold Love Interests, Devoted Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Older Love Interests, Rebirth, Revenge,
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15 Comments on “The Studious Goddess Is Not To Be Provoked
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  1. i dont like it. i dropped this novel when she made him sign the contact for her family. i mean why??? her family is taking advantage of her relation and wants to make money through her and obviously doesnt like her and only think of her for money but she still help them to avoid trouble. why bitch? she could just cut her ties with them since her month is not biological and her father is just name only. even after rebirth she acting like this is so lame man.

  2. Its nice at the beginning then it starts to get frustrating after the accident that causes the female lead to have amnesia till the end of the stories where the conflict is the hardest.

  3. Cause the ending is everything to me, even in the middle of the novel is too much conflict going about, why does it have to be so much of a struggle at the end when it could been a happy ending? What a disappointment.

  4. So it's not a happy ending? Or will we get a happy ending after all that "struggle"? Will prolly drop it if gets too frustrating. Also, there's amnesia?!? 😵

  5. The ending of the novel doesn't count as happy ending to me. Hey, couldn't all the big conflict be solved at one time? Does it has to happen when I thought it would be like happy ending is just around the corner? Don't you guys feel that there's a lot of conflict after the protagonists relaxed when they already solved the conflict before the upcoming one? It's okay if the the conflict is an easy one but hey amnesia?!! Is that consider as a small hurdle? No! And then other conflict is that, where I consider it as the biggest, it happened at the ending where conflict suppose to be no longer exist at least the troublesome one.

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