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The Star Light Shines When He Came

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Romance masculino de transmigración rápida, originalmente llamado Soul Pawn Shop.

La gobernante del infierno, Xie Fei, viajó a través de tres mil mundos para guiar a los comerciantes hacia la redención.

—Ding-dong! Bienvenido a Soul Pawn Shop.

Nota: romance 1V1

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Título corto:TSLSWHC
Titulo original:灵魂当铺
Tipo:Web Novel
Género:Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Martial Arts, Romance, School Life, Supernatural
Weekly Rank:#1584
Monthly Rank:#1472
All Time Rank:#1238
Tags:Amnesia, Ancient China, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm Protagonist, Cold Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Episodic, Ghosts, Heartwarming, Heaven, Hell, Immortals, Interdimensional Travel, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Multiple Realms, Overpowered Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Reincarnation, Revenge, Royalty, Ruthless Protagonist, Showbiz, Transmigration, Underestimated Protagonist, Wealthy Characters, World Hopping, World Travel,

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12 thoughts on “The Star Light Shines When He Came
  1. The links are not working properly☹️. Starting from 61 up-to the latest chapter, all of it are the same. It’s content is the same as a chapter in arc 1. I hope this will be fixed soon💕

      1. Thank you. Also, Chapter 147 is opening to a new arc (End of World Theme) but there’s no chapters available after it. Hoping for the chapters after 147 (after 148 if including Prologue) to be added soon. Thank you so much.

  2. Will the other chapters be added?
    Although the status here is completed but there are still missing chapters (from 148-190)..
    Hoping it will be added soon..
    Thank you.

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