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The Richest Man In the World: Starting From Receiving 7 Billion Red Envelopes

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¡Ding! ¡Felicitaciones, recibió 7 mil millones de sobres rojos!

¡Ding! Felicitaciones, ha recibido 50 millones de yuanes.

¡Ding! Felicitaciones, ganó un Lamborghini Daniel.

¡Ding! Enhorabuena, ha obtenido el 51% de las acciones de una empresa cotizada.

¡Ding! Felicitaciones, obtuvo un edificio de primer grado de Tomson.

¡Ding! Felicitaciones, obtén la habilidad luchando contra el rey.

¡Ding! Felicitaciones, ha adquirido la habilidad Tian Lai Singing Voice.

…… ……

Lin Fan: ¿7 mil millones de sobres rojos? ¿Cuándo debo ordenar?

Reportero callejero: ¿Cuánto tiempo puede ganar 1 millón?

Lin Fan:…

Reportero callejero: ¿Por qué sigues parpadeando?

Lin Fan: ¿No me preguntaste cuánto tiempo lleva ganar 1 millón?

PD: Bienvenido a leer mi libro "Grupo de hadas del sobre rojo súper" y "Grupo de chat del sobre rojo del cielo".

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Título corto:TRMIWSFRBRE
Titulo original:全球首富:从收到70亿个红包开始
Autor(a):Da Ai Douban
Weekly Rank:#97
Monthly Rank:#96
All Time Rank:#31
Tags:Academy, Arrogant Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, beautiful heroine, Calm Protagonist, Cheats, Devoted Love Interests, Easy Going Life, Elemental Magic, Fast Cultivation, First-time Intercourse, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Jack of All Trades, Level System, Love at First Sight, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Money Grubber, Nationalism, Polygamy, Poor to Rich, Racism, Sudden Wealth, System, Talent, Threesome, Underestimated Protagonist, Urban, Xuanhuan, Younger Sisters,
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  1. MC is stupid and dumb at the same time Knows english but decided to speak chinese Noob can't filter between business I don't know what i am speaking but give ot a translation if needs be🙂

  2. Lol most shenhao novel ends with cultivate. Can there be no cultivate. Ruining a good book for nothing. I really hate cultivation novels.

  3. I agree with this. Most modern story Chinese novel end up with cultivation. I have already passed the cultivation manhua/novel era.

  4. yang paling gak masuk akal dari ni novel kalo mc punya kemampuan bahasa inggris profesional tapi malah kekeh pake bahasa cina. berjiwa nasionalis bagus sih cuman agak gimana gitu kalo merembet ke ilmu komunikasi padahal tujuannya agar mudah berkomunikasi dan sharing dengan berbagai orang tanpa hambatan.

  5. he can speak english but decided to use huxia to answer the professors from abroad, he use english talking to other businessman what is the difference, how stupid he is

  6. Hey somebody can help me I forgot the novel name but I remember story if any boy know plzz tell me the story name it's also transmigration into villainess novel the fl transmigration into the book she is the villainess and MC hate her because she always irriating him and after mc fell in love with her and have a son during child birth the fl transmigration into the original world and after he meet the original MC and he fell in love with her and she work as a reporter but she need to go to novel world so she died because of earthquake and return to the novel world if some one know plzz tell me the title plzzz

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