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The Rebirth of Space: the Lucky Girl From a Farm Family

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Hua Yanran, quien regresó a su ciudad natal para adorar a sus antepasados, fue devuelta a la familia Gu en su vida anterior por un estallido de luz brillante.

Confiando en el espacio mágico de ese anillo, es fácil deshacerse de la pobreza y hacerse rico...

¡Ya que Dios me ha permitido regresar, debo vivir una vida contenta y ser feliz con mis rencores!

- Descripción de MTLNovel


Título corto:TRSLGFFF
Titulo original:空间重生之农门福女
Autor(a):He wood fire every
Weekly Rank:#267
Monthly Rank:#334
All Time Rank:#4483
Tags:Farming, Female Protagonist, Magical Space, Rebirth,
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11 Comments on “The Rebirth of Space: the Lucky Girl From a Farm Family
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  1. if you are reading this that means your parents will die in 5 years to undo this curs you have to past this comment on 5 more manga, I'm am sorry for who ever is reading this

  2. Oh this MC annoys the hell outta me. She lived 3x and is as naive and nosey as a teenager when mentally she is 40. Someone stole something and is getting punished? Rush and pay for the thief! Random girl is being beat by her family? Rush and buy the girl as a slave then pay her more for easy work than majority of ppl make in a yr. Something over there? Over here? Mc must go and stick her nose in. Someone sniffled? Mc will pay for your medical bills, schooling and food for your next 5 generations! Sister in law talks bad, cousin steals? For the face of blah blah she will meekly turn her other cheek. She spends money like she had a golden spoon her whole life rather than being poor. She is naive in her thoughts of "oh I passed that person 3 yrs ago, this is fate I will give money, time and resources to make their life better". Righteousness to this degree is foolhardy and plain stupid. Her abilities is the only think keeping this interesting but her overbearing sense of responsibility to every person she passes is just ridiculous.

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