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The Idol And The Disabled President Made An Official Announcement

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Ye Hangsheng estaba discapacitado en ambas piernas y no podía caminar. Se rumoreaba que era un hombre de mal humor y nadie se atrevía a sostener sus relucientes muslos dorados.

Wen Run nunca creyó en estos rumores, cada vez que lo veía de lejos, sonreía con ojos curvados y se llenaba de alegría.

Entonces alguien más dijo: “Mira ese Wen Run, incluso arriesgó su vida para trepar a la cama, y ​​Ye Hansheng, el dios del mal, se atrevió a meterse con él.

Wen Run trató de explicar todo el tiempo: Ye Hansheng no es así, es un buen hombre.

Ye Hansheng lo escuchó y decidió mostrarle a la ovejita lo malo que era.

La ovejita temblaba de miedo y timidez, pero no de miedo y disgusto, simplemente era increíblemente bueno y suave.

El corazón de Ye Hansheng se ablandó de repente, pensando que no era difícil ser una buena persona.

Más tarde, descubrieron que el pequeño Wen Run transparente realmente sostenía el muslo dorado. Durante todo el camino, los recursos siguieron acumulando una línea de tráfico como un cohete.

Y Ye Hansheng también era realmente una buena persona. Solo que ... solo fue bueno con Wen Run.

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Título corto:TIATDP
Titulo original:爱豆和残疾总裁官宣了
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5 Comments on “The Idol And The Disabled President Made An Official Announcement
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  1. Tbh this story is like the story of an antagonist in another yaoi novel. Like the mc obviously a slut like who lets people sexually harass them easily? The ML a bastard who only likes looks and was enamored by the mc.oh and btw the very obvious fact of a rising star clinging to a disabled president and a mary su personality. Of course most novels related to entertainment are gold diggers (soft way) but this one just inan obvious way

  2. It's a cliché showbiz novel about love story of upcoming star and the company's CEO president, who paves the path for the MC/upcoming star. Not really the best nor the worst showbiz novel I have read. There are some good chapters, but most of it is a bit boring for me since the novel focuses mainly on both the MC and the ML and less of their jobs. The interaction between the MC and the ML are pretty sweet and pretty cliché . The thing that I like about the MC is that he has a strong inner personality, doesn't let his past affect him that much, but instead works hard to overcome it. I don't really like the fact that the MC keeps blushing at every action the ML does. ML pulled MC onto his lap during the 1st chapter and MC just lets it happen. MC wakes up and finds ML kissing him in his sleep, but just let it happen even though they weren't even together. Basically MC just doesn't really act how most people would act when they are being touched without their consent. The ML.... honestly he's a bit immature, narrow-minded and possessive in my opinion. He easily gets angry and jealous over small things Like, MC got a teacher that is gay, but already has a lover that he deeply loves and the ML already knows, but he still got angry. it did state that he already had a rotten personality even before the accident so I wouldn't really blame the accident for his personality. The side characters... aren't that great. Most of them are either the villain, dumb, or just plain boring.

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