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Este es un mundo dominado por invocadores. En este mundo, los invocadores son los protagonistas más deslumbrantes en el centro del escenario.

Cuando el mundo misterioso y superior se vuelve a nuestro alcance, cuando la gloria y la memoria de la civilización china brillan en la realidad, comienza la maravillosa historia del invocador que descendió sobre el Gran Imperio Yan ...

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Título corto:TGS
Titulo original:黄金召唤师
Autor(a):Drunk Tiger
Weekly Rank:#7927
Monthly Rank:#4006
All Time Rank:#4988
Tags:Clever Protagonist, Curses, Dark, Demons, Destiny, Determined Protagonist, Discrimination, Earth Invasion, Evil Gods, Evil Organizations, Evil Religions, Firearms, Gate to Another World, Gore, Hidden Abilities, Investigations, Kingdoms, Male Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Mystical, Mythology, Nationalism, Souls, Summoning Magic, Transmigration, Xianxia,
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33 Comments on “The Glorious Summoner
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  1. Review/Comments/Rant as of CH 540. Ignore my tag editing I did not realize there are 2 different starts to the novel. The more recent chapters are terrible I must say, the coming back to Earth arc has just been a snooze fest. I think these recent chapters are also where the racist elements come from. Well, it is during the world orbs so if that counts are not. Personally, the previous chapters have stuck with some slightly nationalistic elements not any racism, at least that stood out. I am still a little confused with the world and how it is divided here, the Yan vs Huaxia and the US being where the story takes place in the beginning because it is China in this world (one of them, maybe?), none of these matters for plot just helps mentally. A few of the Arcs outside of this are also meh but can also be funny at times so it varies, lost on why MC was hung up on staying at that sect. The spirit world is actually one of my favorite parts besides the OP "mecha" he got. The stories in the world orb can be interesting but I would say over half are not worth reading. Just this previous 2 chapters we get described a story that MC finished in 5 minutes real time, I skimmed over it but like dude literally all useless fluff. Worse is when this happens for worlds that just give energy and no spells. Speaking of this do not go into the novel expecting summoning as the main theme, especially any mythical/beast/dragon summoning, the summoning aspect is uncommon and not very large scaled nor interesting. MC casts/summons spells often but actually units not so much, and mainly only 3 of them unless you count space (turtle, dog, S. soldiers) he instead uses weapons more often. Last thing when MC fuses orbs now, he gets often times a lot more than previous orbs at lower ranks, some of them make sense but other times is it because they are rarer. Rarity is strange as sometimes it could be due to certain organizations having a monopoly on orbs, location, and etc. I ignore at this point as it is not important just a consistency question, and no it is not a math error as the math in this MTL is actually really solid so far since the numbers are typically below 10,000.

  2. Review/Comments/Rant as of CH 838. In regard to below *Slight Spoiler* MC declared his love for one of the girls he met, but also ended up getting one pregnant to save her. This does not make it harem quite yet as MC did not have any feelings for her, we will see as we go on. I do agree at that Shu Longxi was not really that developed at that point, she did receive more later on but was still treated as an info bank. I do not know how he came to like Wang Zhaojun as she literally has no personality, unless you read her story in history (I did not, but she still has not been developed here). Their last comment is funny as this story is based on filler from the world beads. Sadly, the spiritual world is not being developed all too much, but he is introducing people to it, also how did MC's remote vision does not reach a super level after all that time and boosts. Still not a pure summoner story, we have formations, spells, fusion of ideas, or physical combat. Well, he did summon 2 big boys recently and some miners. Last comment for now, did I somehow skip the chapter where MC upgraded his sword-whip?

  3. New arc/world sucks, it literally is just a repeat at this point with nerfs. I also never liked the MCs drive/goal of why he was getting stronger it felt so basic and hollow.

  4. Ch 670 it seems like shu longxi about to be end game? Personally i don't like her after all the heroines. Hold Up. Im at Ch 671 it seems she's not end game but closest to be one. Btw my bias is Wang Zhaojun and also hopefully not harem. Harem just brings unnecessary fillers

  5. Its a good story but its just full of nationalism ... if other heroes and god is recorded in the beads composed of all heroes and god in the whole world not just chinese it will be a perfect..

  6. Holy cow! I knew the name Drunk Tiger was familiar. It's the author of Castle of Black Iron! That easter egg in 367... Man that brings back memories.

  7. I thought the mc uses whip as his weapon but how come it goes to sword in the end? It's too common already for mc to use sword, how come they did not stick to whip?

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