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The Female Supporting Character is Obsessed with Science

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Después de que el sistema de transmisión en vivo 020 para personajes secundarios femeninos se vinculó con un anfitrión que perdió la memoria, encontró la puerta de entrada a un nuevo mundo.

Mi objetivo es el vasto cielo estrellado y el conocimiento infinito.

En cuanto a mi último deseo, espero que algún día pueda desmantelar el sistema por mí mismo.

por: el anfitrión que está obsesionado con el aprendizaje

Por favor, abandone mi programa principal, soy realmente inocente.

por: sistema débil e indefenso

El primer mundo: la niña que fue intimidada en la escuela

El segundo mundo: la estrella de cine descolorida que se vio envuelta en un escándalo

El tercer mundo: la hija de Fortune cuya familia se arruinó

El cuarto mundo: la emperadora fatua cuyo país iba a colapsar

El quinto mundo: el cuerpo extremadamente yin codiciado por los fantasmas

El sexto mundo: el amante sustituto que amaba a la persona equivocada

El séptimo mundo: la madre soltera irresponsable

El octavo mundo: el ex genio que perdió el poder

El noveno mundo: el visitante del exterior al mundo de Xianxia

Transmisión en vivo: el secreto de EDVIS Company

El décimo mundo: la desertora interestelar que traicionó a su país

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Título corto:FSCOWS
Titulo original:女配沉迷科学[快穿]
Weekly Rank:#736
Monthly Rank:#222
All Time Rank:#3697
Tags:Amnesia, Calm Protagonist, Cold Love Interests, Cold Protagonist, Confident Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Eidetic Memory, Fast Learner, Female Master, Female Protagonist, Game Elements, Gate to Another World, Handsome Male Lead, Late Romance, Mature Protagonist, Multiple Identities, Near-Death Experience, System Administrator, Wishes, World Hopping,
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6 Comments on “The Female Supporting Character is Obsessed with Science
  1. This book is great if you want a female lead and no romance, but the fl just being badass and the greatest of all. I highly recommend this book.

  2. I think that the author had only made perfunctory casual research on any of the mentioned technologies before writing about them. Here is an example in act 3: Her codes were too "beyond the time" to be compiled and she was forced to buy books on programming in order to write them. Bruh, regardless of what the programming language is in that world, it still means that she had gone straight to progamming the AI the moment she crossed to, typing out a bunch of codes in a language that probably only known by her, and got surprised Pikachu face when they didn't work. Here is another good one: The AI that she invented, after it had bypassed the firewall and intruded into a government's computer that held secrets of state, decided to show itself in front of some government personnel. Of course, they treated it like a virus. However, because the AI was so strong, they were forced to disconnect the computer from the internet. You would think that's the end for the AI, but somehow, magically, the AI managed to escape from a DISCONNECTED computer. It makes you think that either the AI had metaphysical abilities or the government personnel was retarded enough to not PULL THE FUCKING CORD.

  3. This is one of my favorites of the genre. Don't like romance? No worries. Like smart and Hidden Boss MCs that are so hidden, they even scare themselves? Proceed.

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