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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

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Ella, una reconocida asesina del siglo XXI, cruzó para convertirse en la cuarta señorita inútil más inútil de Su Manor.

Él, la alteza imperial del Imperio Jin, era un tirano demoníaco dominante sin emociones con un talento inigualable.

Todos sabían que ella era idiota y que no servía para nada y la intimidaban como quisieran. Pero solo él, el tirano dominante con el ojo perspicaz, no la dejaría ir incluso si su vida dependiera de ello.

Por el momento, veamos cómo el obstinado contra obstinado choca y juega en este buen espectáculo del perseguidor y el perseguido.

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Título corto:DKC
Titulo original:邪王追妻:废材逆天小姐
Autor(a):Su Xiao Nuan
Weekly Rank:#107
Monthly Rank:#152
All Time Rank:#10
Tags:Abusive Characters, Adapted to Anime, Alchemy, Arrogant Characters, Assassins, Beast Companions, Beasts, Beautiful Female Lead, Betrayal, Black Belly, Broken Engagement, Clever Protagonist, Cultivation, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Dragons, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hidden Abilities, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Magic, Magical Space, Obsessive Love, Pill Concocting, Possessive Characters, Power Couple, Ruthless Protagonist, Strong Love Interests, Transmigration, Underestimated Protagonist, Weak to Strong,
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48 Comments on “The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss
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  1. I have finally finished reading this soul-wracking novel. At first few chapters, you might seem to get bored because I have also skipped few chapters in the beginning, I think its 10-20 chapters?. However, as the story progressed, you will definitely be caught too as the plots are amazing. I must say this novel is a roller coaster journey. It will amaze you for a moment then break your heart the next second. Your heart will be warmed as the story tells about strong relationship and bond between families, friends, and ofc lovers *^____^*. Though, at the same time, will bring you pail of tears as they encounter challenges. I so love Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo deeply from the bottom of my heart. I was a bit hesitant to finish this novel because it has been a trait of mine to be very attached from the characters and as I come to the few last chapters of this novel my heart aches because the book has no more scene to flash. It is like a very close relative has passed away feeling. All I can do is to reread and reread the story, just only reminisce their memories. I will miss them so much! (╥﹏╥) If a genie is real, I will spend my one wish for Nangong to be actually genuinely tangible and I will be Su Luo so that I can still know the next story after the last scene. I also want to know the pov of Nangong from the very beginning up to the last scene. Overall, I commend the author's talent and imagination as she has given birth to an amazing, heartwarming, and soul-shattering story that impacted me so much. Despite the very much ample amount of chapters, I still wish to have a few chapters containing Nangong's pov of this story and a peek to what have happened after. January 9, 2022 0600H (╥﹏╥)(◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。

  2. Just finished also.. 01/11/2022 @11:55pm I want more... The ending is too cliff hanger for me.. :) This is probably the longest novel I've read so far... The last 3000 to 4000 chapters are somewhat a sense where the ML is always missing, the felt that final battle is rush..I mean after all the bloody adventures the FC had..the ending is just like that!!! ~(°^°)~ most of the time the MC is missing, his growth was not explained well, the romantic element was washed away from all the battles, not to mention the supporting characters are all missing at end... The last chapter is really unexpected. I thought of different scenarios but never the actual one. Don't get me wrong I like the story but there's a lot of confusing elements, there's a lot of things to be clarified, a lot of character to be given more highlights, and urghhh its frustrating me...I felt that there's more to this story than the 11,745 chapter that it has... XDDD Is there any after story in this? Hopefully yes.. if not, then Next novel please..XDDD

  3. After reading about 5000 chapters I got frustrated enough to skip to the ending. Seriously this novel is filled with ancient-reincarnation dog plot drama where FL or ML hurt each other both on purpose or accidentally. I especially do not understand FL setting who is suppose to be pregnant in past life and still acts as cold-strong-donotapproachme decent mary sue. She constantly hurts ML feelings, treats him as usual dog licker then repeatedly after he saves her life by sacrificing himself she feels guilty, treats him better, something disrupts relationship, than again she hurts his feelings. Actually author is great writer cuz he can novel with such bullshit plot which is still somehow readable but still I felt constantly frustrated reading it. I'm curious Do someone know josei novel In which ML is not FL's love slave or have some decency and respect for himself.

  4. author?? when will you have an update???? I really miss it, I'm halfway to the end of story. I am longing for the next chapters...... Please author don't forget to update..... By the way your works are really great, so spectacular and so amazing. Its like a paradise, so beautiful, the twist of the story it is so adventurous, thrilling, exciting, and so funny. HAHAHA ! You're one of the unique author, keep it up... Hope to read more novels from you. Mwah !

  5. @Momiji: Totally get you. I stopped reading this years ago. I think it was when I found out that Nanggong had amnesia. Really frustrating. Disliked the ML Nanggong from the start... the scene at the forest where he chose the GTB white lotus over the FL. In turn, the FL was hurt. I liked the 2nd ML as he was consistent with his feelings towards FL albeit he did a lot of wrong things but he’s always good towards FL. I just don’t get it. If these actions were done by the ML, the ending would be FL would end up with him. But if it’s the 2nd ML, the ending would be separation and even his death. So yes, it started off well then it became a drag and so bored to read. Especially when I saw that the chapters reached more than 8000 at that time. So I just dropped this book. It’s just repetitive scenes with minor changes. I think I dropped this 5 years ago... or more...😤🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. what? Nangong had amnesia? sorry ijust want to ask bcs im so curious, Do you know which chapter Nangong had amnesia? "the scene at the forest where he chose the GTB white lotus over the FL. In turn, the FL was hurt. " and what chapter is this? im sorry im sooo curioussss hehe, thxu

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