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The Blackened Male Lead Needs to Be Pampered

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Sang Jian, que tiene atributos y habilidades MAX, estaba vinculado al sistema Save the Villain.

Sang Jian: "¿Esto me está pidiendo que abuse del villano?"

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Título corto:BMLNP
Titulo original:快穿小祖宗:黑化男神要娇养
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15 Comments on “The Blackened Male Lead Needs to Be Pampered
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  1. Its good. Fl is OP, but not that she can control everthing. Her main mission is to 'attack' the villain, which is the ml, but as a intruder, original body wish should be granted. Ml isnt that useless either. He has his own power. As villain hes kinda OP in each arc. But because fl main goal was to prevent blackening, so ml seems not that powerful. Villain become more powerful when hes black right. I dont grasp well with fl background and ml too, so i just treat it like any other qt novel. If im correct, ml and mc seems know each other right? The way mc actually chattering box with ml but kinda speechless with other is lovely. Maybe because the arc theme or just my mood, but it become boring. Maybe one day i'll pick it up again.

  2. Overall, this is a sweet love story between our female protagonist gong and male lead shou. A cool, funny and sweet love story actually. There's no abuse I can testify for this although I haven't read the last arc as I don't want to say goodbye completely to our two lovely characters. This novel is different from any QT text in which the female protagonist depends on the male lead. It is the male lead that depends on the female protagonists. And in bed, female protagonist is on top and the male leas is below. You can't blame him because the female protagonist force value is stronger than him. There's another novel by this author. I think it was another fragments by that God. Still a Quick Transmigration novel though. The female protagonist has a dual personality and can change the personality anytime she wants. Also, different from many novels I've read,the male lead didn't lost his memory from traveling from one world to another. That's just my interpretation from the author's note in Google translate. The saddest part is I think this novel is hiatus state. The last update in QQ was at March 26, 2023

  3. Guys please help me, I forgot what is the title of this novel, it's like this the ml and everyone else except the mc and heroine thought that the mc loves the heroine very much it's a misunderstanding because mc and heroine is just a pure brother and sister.

  4. What a great novel! Finally world hopping that makes sense! Devoted FL and ML without sacrificing any cannon fodders. Love love love! Domaine FL’s FTW!

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