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Jiang Xiaofei, una hermosa chef que viajó a través de la moderna dinastía Daqing, es competente en todo tipo de piano, ajedrez, caligrafía y pintura, y es indispensable para las artes marciales de celebridades femeninas. Abrió restaurantes, hizo transmisiones en vivo y se mezcló en el círculo de entretenimiento.

Debido a que los textos antiguos y modernos se entienden de manera diferente, es un error convertirse en la segunda amiga de la familia Xu que tiene un gusto exigente. Jiang Xiaofei dijo que por ser guapa, puede cometer errores ...

Un día en un programa de variedades: Jiang Xiaofei llevó arroz y harina y sorprendió a la gente dentro y fuera del programa. ¡Ella llamó a King Kong Barbie!

La familia Xu miró a los presumidos en el programa de variedades y sudaron por Xu Yanxiu, pidiendo más bendiciones…,

(¡Shuangwen! ¡Tanto hombres como mujeres están limpios!)

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Título corto:TALC
Titulo original:反穿之全能小厨娘
Autor(a):Cheng Daya
Weekly Rank:#512
Monthly Rank:#521
All Time Rank:#1272
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Celebrities, Cooking, Entertainment, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Modern Day, Previous Life Talent, Restaurant, Showbiz, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters,
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14 Comments on “The Almighty Little Chef
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  1. Not a perfect story and full of loopholes and flaws but yeah I can read till the end... I just wondering what happened to the angel group whatsoever organization?? The ending is so rushing. A lot of things aren't explain.

  2. since she's from the ancient times,then WHY SHE ALWAYS INVITE MALE TO HER HOME???????!!! SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE CONSERVATIVE,U KNOW!!! Her male friend got drunk,then why she take him home???she should have to call her other male friend to take him away!!?!the story is good but ThAT ..i think the author dream is to bring a handsome man to her/his home. And it's dangerous to invite stranger to your home,you know.. even if you know martial arts...

  3. The author write short chapter each time so when you see it hv 1,4K chapter actually all of it so short. Maybe.. cz of that short chapter, it makes the author cant write more straightforward plot and it become going round and round. I feel tired too reading many short chapter. At first it hv unique (typical transmigration and cooking novel) but later... it becomes a entertainment job.

  4. the story started out pretty good like a usual shuangwen novel, but honestly got pretty tiring the more she stayed in the entertainment industry. agree with a previous comment, it was centered on the drama and less on the talents that was her main selling point at the beginning. currently at 573/1433 and i already need to stop reading because the scenarios feel too stupid and i'm already skimming over chapters just to get it over with. in terms of the relationship with ML, it's pretty weird how their misunderstanding on what boyfriend/girlfriend was just continued on, but the author does attempt to explain over it by showing how they still lack something in their relationship since they just went with it. still, the development of their relationship is still weird to me because it doesn't feel (yet) that they're actually falling in love, even though they're showing affection. maybe i will pick this up again in the future but i really can't stand it anymore right now

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