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The Absolute Favorite in the Apocalyptic Rebirth

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¡Un mes antes del fin del mundo, Lou Dian la miró con ojos cada vez más explícitos que la horrorizaron!

Suceden muchas cosas inesperadas en la vida.

Para sorpresa de Lou Ling, llega el fin del mundo.

Lou Dian le enseñó cómo sobrevivir en los últimos días y le dio la comida más preciada, pero sus malas intenciones también fueron obvias desde el principio.

¡En este apocalipsis, Lou Dian la encarceló por completo y se convirtió en su posesión!

Ella es como un veneno adictivo, y cuando de repente mira hacia atrás, no puede darse por vencido.

PD: ¡Esta es la historia de un protagonista masculino parecido a una serpiente y una hermana tenaz que comió y bebió en los últimos días! = __ =!

PSS: ¡Texto dulce y feliz!

Etiqueta de contenido: Rebirth portable space Doomsday

Protagonista: Lou Dian, Lou Ling┃ Papeles secundarios: Xi Mufeng, Lin Baobao┃Otros

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Título corto:AFIAR
Titulo original:末世重生之绝对独宠
Autor(a):Wu Shiyi
Weekly Rank:#2109
Monthly Rank:#2729
All Time Rank:#4631
Tags:Apocalypse, Beautiful Female Lead, Cooking, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Magical Space, Modern Day, Possessive Characters, Reincarnation, Second Chance, Siblings Not Related by Blood, Sister Complex, Zombies,
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22 Comments on “The Absolute Favorite in the Apocalyptic Rebirth
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  1. If you're looking for farming, looking supplies, & assimilation of life during apocalypse, this book not for you. This novel more towards yandere romance with smut color. The ml already hv prepared supplies from overseas. Now they sometimes go out collect supplies while fighting zombie so they can give to others who needs them. MC is virgin Mary and ML is perverted psychopath.

  2. The Ml always vent on her and hurt her but she keep forgive him. And most annoying was when some bad people want to kill them, and ml retaliate, the mc will be virgin and ask "is he dead?" Ml be like "No" and mc be like "oh thank god. Everyone also hard to live." And the escapee will give out report about them to enemy 🤦‍♀️ damn frustrating. It's end of world and people want to kill you, virgin lady. Gosh

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  4. These are step siblings, Luo Ling changed her suname to follow her stepfather. Both parents also perished long before the story begins. Luo Dian... this fellow has long been abnormal, and seven years in the apocalypse made it much worse. The night before the apocalypse, he assaults Luo Ling; there is no penetration, but it's non-con. Then the next day he shoved her out to kill zombies. This definitely isn't a gentle possession - her being killed. In his past life has really blackened him. Not sure how this author intends to make it 'sweet' since nothing has been sweet yet, but I'm only on the third 'related works' instance, so not even chapter 17 yet.

  5. At one point he almost rapes her but realizes that's counterproductive to his goal of protecting her. So still no penetration, but basically everything else. Luo Ling is basically resigned to the situation, promising that she'll do her best to like him, and honestly seems to hold no grudge against him for his behavior and intentions. She's 'just not ready yet' but cooperates with kissing and doesn't fight about it any more. Realistically speaking, I get it, because he does take really good care of her and doesn't force her and supports her decisions outside of their relationship. Luo Dian is basically the ideal version of a yandere - hyper competent, strong, nuturing, and mostly obedient.

  6. I just can't figure out if before apocalypse she thinking to stay away from his step brother, why after the rape she didn't even think to run away. Honestly if a girl was forced, they might risk their life just to run away. After all she did say she no longer fear those zombies after all the training. Maybe she's just a white lotus bitch. Doesn't want to give but want to raise fish in her tank. And i also think Lou Dian bit cruel when training her. I mean, she could have gotten hurt and change to zombie. And getting supplies also, i just think he's supposedly character as indifferent but suddenly only collect supplies from harder area, saying to let other people get the rest in supermarket. Too contrast. Why need to consider other people when he's an indifferent personality.

  7. You discover after a while that Luo Dian basically has complete control over the situation, so while the train reads as brutal and dangerous, Luo Ling was never in danger. The first several chapters are a bit difficult to read, but Luo Ling basically succumbs to the reality that she literally has no choice. She's an ordinary person and literally can not fight or escape from Luo Dian. Also this story features the unique attitude of CN toward rape, which involves kind of treating it like a forced kiss in western media. Plus Luo Ling really does love her brother as her only family member, and previous to the apocalypse, was the one beating him up or taking care of him. So I guess it's kind of 'battered girlfriend syndrome' in that a girl doesn't leave her boyfriend the first time he beats or rapes her.

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