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Un hombre joven sin raíces espirituales. Una persona que los demás consideran basura. Constantemente adquiere varios artículos considerados como desperdicios por el mundo de la cultivación. No importa si son pastillas de basura o materiales inútiles, ¡las tomará todas!

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Título corto:
Titulo original:百炼成仙
Autor(a):Magical Rain
Weekly Rank:#2434
Monthly Rank:#2770
All Time Rank:#2700
Tags:Alchemy, Artifact Crafting, Artifacts, Cautious Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Cultivation, Hard-Working Protagonist, Hiding True Abilities, Low-key Protagonist, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Pill Based Cultivation, Pill Concocting, Ruthless Protagonist, Special Abilities, Underestimated Protagonist, Weak to Strong,
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4 Comments on “Tempered Immortal
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  1. hmm the mc lead is not likeable. i know he is calculative, and whatever...but he is too void of emotion nor empathy. sure, the narrative said the cultivation world is cruel or selfish etc. but that does not mean a person living should be selfish and ignore others. mc even sneer and mock the juniors who courts death fighting powerful beast or cultivator as stupid. and said he is not savior while mocking them in heart. what's the different between him and other villain? plus, mc seems to forget that he is one of those trash. he is only fortunate to rob a blue star light from that senior. without that blue light, he didn't have as much opportunity to even cross 1st layer agility level.

  2. Maybe I'm being too bias because it's one of my first XianXias and extremely old, I have only read the English Translations. But it's a good novel(?) I'll have to read this now and see how it goes. My opinion of this will most likely change tho lol

  3. He mastered a heaven defying art that can change the appearance and u need to be 2 big lvl's above his cultivation lvl just to have a chance see through. Its crazy if u ask me, this thing is totaly op, like the almost ultimate lvl for a spy lol.For example he is a foundation lvl cultivation and if he disguises u need to be atleast nascent lvl just to have a chance to see through his disguise. An ultimate asassin skill if u ask me:D.He can be anyone and almost nobody can see though it!

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