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Soy el dueño de una fábrica de zombies y los productos son un poco impactantes:
Zombis, perros zombies, lamedores, perros del infierno, tiranos, cazadores ...

En los últimos días, son las armas bioquímicas más aterradoras.

En los tiempos modernos, es el mejor guardaespaldas.

Lo que quiero hacer es recolectar sus fragmentos, desbloquearlos y fabricarlos.

¿Has visto a un zombi con una armadura, un casco y sosteniendo un AK?

El tirano de casi tres metros, su arma es una torreta de tanque.

Esto es solo la punta del iceberg armado con fábricas bioquímicas.

Tyrant T002, escudo de carne, juez, cuerpo materno… estos zombies que nunca antes habías visto serán los productos estrella de la fábrica.

Mi lema: Sé un hombre rico en los tiempos modernos y un héroe en los últimos días.

Esta es la historia de un jefe.

- Descripción de MTL


Título corto:SZF
Titulo original:超级丧尸工厂
Weekly Rank:#1801
Monthly Rank:#2021
All Time Rank:#603
Tags:Business Management, Cold Protagonist, Famous Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Game Elements, Genetic Modifications, Harem, Interdimensional Travel, Male Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Post-apocalyptic, Romantic Subplot, Slaves, Weak to Strong, Wealthy Characters, Zombies,
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24 Comments on “Super Zombie Factory
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  1. Alright let me say this this is a nice story, not the best and certainly not bad. Let me tell you reading mtl chaps requires steel patience as its actually downgrade the novels quality due to it being MTL sometimes it's good translation, most time... Barely recognizable... So read if its to your taste.

  2. Already at 897 chapter And the story is getting more interesting, always suprising and his enemy was getting stronger. Enemy was also same as him, human who can control a zombie, there are more powerful than him, what make this story amazing was that mc had to fight not with his fist but with his wits, cause you do not know what the enemy hole of card and the enemy who was able to reach his level was not an idiot and weaksince the consequence of losing was not anyone can accept it, it could be said as no different from a life and death match. Therefore, no one is underestimating everyone. Because they are all at the same level and the systen will not allow someone to match you up who is weaker or stronger than you but only the same level. Therefore the fight was very exciting and also unexpected. And the mc dont have any advantage atleast so far in terms of wealth, mc's enemy is always superior to him but money is not the key to victory. If people didnt even read at 500 chapters the stop bullshitting in the comment area

  3. I would rather read monster factory than this.... Not to say that the novel is bad writing... But the MC is too arrogant for his own good... The kind of MC who are impulsive and require plot armor to save their asses... Here the MC doesn't even has a stable income, no background but sells gold like the world itself is his father's property (severely under estimates people and over estimates his own capabilities) chases skirt as soon as he got system (deliberately makes what could have been a smooth relationship into a complicated one) and its utter non sense that the zombie got stabbed and just because he said he is fine, the police didn't give him a health check up.... Hence as i said, i would rather read monster factory, the MC there is stable and tackles problem as they come in a logical way, that guy desn't create troubles nor he is arrogant like i am creator of the world and other characters are heathens

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