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Super Invincible Battleship

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Yan Fei ordenó un pequeño dron en línea. No esperaba que el dron se convirtiera de repente en su avatar.

¡Mágico! Aún más sorprendente aún está detrás, este dron puede ser mejorado, luchadores no tripulados, luchadores pesados, bombarderos sigilosos ...

¿Es esta una cosa que está luchando contra el cielo, es realmente mi avatar? ¿Me cuesta colgar el mundo?
Yan Fei dijo Alexander!

- Descripción de Uukanshu


Título corto:SIB
Titulo original:超级无敌战舰
Autor(a):Dive fish out to sea
Tipo:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#727
Monthly Rank:#686
All Time Rank:#453
Tags:Male Protagonist,

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3 thoughts on “Super Invincible Battleship
  1. Very clever author the novel idea is very unique. In my opinion as a former author if i had this idea in the past few years i would rule the Arab web novel world. If you want to read a nice novel with a crazy attention for details, i suggest this one heavily. Keep going

  2. Don’t read this shit, the MC got superpowerful ennemies from a martial artist organisation that does not fear the government but they don’t have evidence that it’s him who killed their mens so what does he do in less than 20 chapters? He show off his strenght in live TV…

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