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Step Back! Master is Here!

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Cruza el Monje Tang y aprende de las Escrituras.

Retirándose y despejándose, "Yijue" se despertó y el mar cambió. El cielo está lleno de dioses y budas.

¿Solo el bosque de hierro y acero, con edificios de gran altura, ha vuelto a los tiempos modernos?

Es solo un juego de dioses y demonios.

¡Sé envidioso!

"Retrocede y deja que sea mi maestro".

Tang Luo sonrió "compasivamente" en el pasado.

- Descripción de Qidian


Título corto:SBLTC
Titulo original:退后让为师来
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All Time Rank:#9569
Tags:Ancient ChinaFanfiction, Fan-fiction, Game Elements, Modern World,
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3 Comments on “Step Back! Master is Here!
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  1. Even in first instance,mission i lost my temper to read, I dont really mind long missions but mc is always acting weird,cool and kill people left and right, in that mission hundreds of innocents dead and mc and author brush it off like in one sentence like killer can pocess bla bla. For 25 chapters mc and group have been following the wrong lead even. Sure, the wrong lead is still bad people etc but for 25 chapters and like 1week in a mission, i thought someone would notice. Mc has like super duper strength,stamina,durability and matrix level reaction and it is been only 6 percent of his strength lol. I feel like my iq have been insulted reading this garbo.

  2. This is the summary elsewhere: After transmigrating to the ancient epic ‘Journey To The West’ as the monk Tang Seng and successfully retrieving the scriptures, Tang Luo goes into seclusion to cultivate, only to “wake up” to a completely different world. All the gods and Buddhas in the heavens have disappeared and only the concrete jungle of towering buildings stand tall and straight around him. He has actually returned to the contemporary age! Except that he is now a player of The Game of Gods and Demons, weaving through various mission worlds as spirits and demons run

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