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Fang Ze viajó al mundo de la ciencia forense psíquica y activó el sistema de detección.

Desde entonces, el mundo ha ganado un mago que resuelve crímenes. En solo un año, Fang Ze se convirtió en el capitán de la fuerza policial.

Casos de desapariciones sospechosas, casos de desmembramiento de cadáveres sin pistas, casos de vampiros atroces…

Con su agudo juicio, Fang Ze confió en la asistencia del sistema para crecer hasta el final.

Con el paso del tiempo, Fang Ze descubrió de repente que este mundo parece ser más que un médico forense psíquico...

- Descripción de MTLNovel


Título corto:SWP
Titulo original:从心灵法医开始
Autor(a):South Kefei
Weekly Rank:#3871
Monthly Rank:#1324
All Time Rank:#4239
Tags:Army, crime solving, Detectives, Male Protagonist, Mystery Solving, Police, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Suspense, System, system male protagonist,
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22 Comments on “Start with Psychologist
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  1. hey guys can you donate a little bit of your paypal balance for me, because i haven't eaten about 5 minutes ago🗿 (PayPal: @danageratis) yo, friends, thank you very much for those of you who like to share, may God give you abundant sustenance and long life yoo :)

  2. eh, why do authors like to kill their good works so much? One of the few books that I really read with interest, initially I rated this book at 4, but the subsequent silly plots spoiled my impression of this book. I didn't attach any importance to this, maybe the author just ran out of steam and after a few chapters he will correct himself, but on chapter 421 I put a fat cross on this story. First, the author shares with us his feelings that he wants less problems, and in general, he does not want to stand out much. OK, I really believe that, especially when he gives all the honors to others throughout the book. But after a couple of lines, he couldn't think of anything better than to appear in front of a huge audience on stage and show that this is the "especially cool" military man. Man, what the f**k is this? A dude with such a cool iq couldn 't wait until the concert was over and then confess to the singer about his identity ? I just don't understand these authors......I'm disappointed.....

  3. Until chapter 30, Urban life detective solving crimes. The system doesn't do much but every time he solved a crime he will get some stats for tracking. There are a lot of tragedies and sad victims, not for the light heart.

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