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Sign in for a Hundred Years, I Will Become a Peerless Sword Immortal

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Meng Fan viajó al Continent of Sword Spirit y se convirtió en un manitas que se había roto el brazo derecho en la Secta de la Espada de la Montaña Shu.

¡Inicie sesión en Jianzhong y obtenga recompensas [Jianxin transparente]!

¡Regístrese en el pasillo y obtenga recompensas [Feto espada congénito]!

¡Inicia sesión en el monumento a la espada y obtén recompensas [Five Elements Sword Classic]!

Meng Fan practicó la espada en voz baja en el montículo de espadas y decidió no convertirse en una espada inmortal, alcanzar la cima y jurar no irse.

Hasta cien años después, los demonios extraterritoriales invadieron y millones de demonios devastaron el continente del espíritu de la espada. Shushan Sword Fairy descendió de la montaña para eliminar demonios. No había ningún hombre fuerte en tierra santa. Enemigo, la destrucción es inminente.

Justo cuando todos estaban desesperados, una figura con un solo brazo voló desde el montículo de espadas, atrajo miles de espadas y mató al demonio espada de un solo movimiento.

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Título corto:SIFHY
Titulo original:签到百年我成绝世剑仙
Weekly Rank:#3747
Monthly Rank:#3893
All Time Rank:#2554
Tags:Male Protagonist,
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53 Comments on “Sign in for a Hundred Years, I Will Become a Peerless Sword Immortal
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  1. Se pudre cuando el mc deja de ser discreto para "templarse", estupideces sinceramente, sólo está buscando problemas y que lo maten

  2. I am speechless that this novel has many supporters. They say it is nice but I haven't read one review which says why it is nice. I had rated and reviewed this novel before and I told the reasons why this isn't a good novel. But these idiot reviewers even started commenting on other sign in novels saying this deserves higher reviews. Why exactly? The guy below me Bloodhound I dont know who gave him money to review.He says this novel is better than shit mc provoking families and plot armor , same thing happened in this novel after he joined the big sect he provoked and killed many demons and they ate his disciple in front of him. He isn't fking lowkey at all. If he was smart he wouldve killed secretly in disguise and obviously given some life saving means to his disciple. Ahh also that disciple isn't dead and her soul is in the demon realm because she is a girl. Atleast in some other sign in novels MC knows when to attack and retreat secretly and finish his goals perfectly without loose ends.I dont understand why this novel got so many supporters .Are they reading what Im reading ? Ill tell you guys one thing first of all its highly disrespectful to copy a novel template while its still ongoing. Its scummy behaviour. No one cares if you copy it after its finished. But people dont care anyway. Another thing apart from Buddhas Palm the other good sign in novel i read is = "Sign in for a Millennium How do i hide my ancestors?" Both have good ratings for a reason . This novel was below 2 for a time before idiots started rating 5 stars. Believe me if you are bored then read it doesn't matter but if you are an avid picky reader like me then stay away.

  3. Say "I haven't read one review which says why it is nice" then proceed to write why a different reviewer think it is good. Just because you don't agree with an opinion doesn't make it invalid or not exist at all. I don't really have an opinion on your review but I think that section of the comment is distasteful.

  4. Well it depends on whether you like or not , someone can say this novel is nice or bad it all come to personal preference.Also copying anything is fine in China,they have thick skin as they say it lol

  5. It is not only China that is thick skinned but America and most developed countries are truly thick skinned and shameless. Because they will be shameless if they see something(Daily products and so on) they like, take or buy then being researched and sell it like something that was theirs from the start. Ps: If anyone sees this commet and asks 'what is the relationship between the comment and the novel?'. #The answer: GW NOT PERDULI, because every human being is greedy and shameless when it comes to someone's interests (property, women and throne / title).

  6. like indonesian, everything that is created in the whole world is claimed to be from indonesia. they are the ancestors of everything lol

  7. I never heard indonesian claom everything from them since their government is typical bootlicking toward usa, india & china as part of their international policy because these three country hold significant away in economy & politics at indonesia. Maybe you're talking about malaysia & south korea since both country were notorious on claiming other people culture originate from them despite they never really a major powar at asia regional during pre modern era

  8. I love the story many people say its copy or something so let me give u a example if you r a shopkeeper no matter what different items or method u use to sell any product u can't change your core that u are a seller its just like with this novel there mc r low key easy going not much releted to world. These novel can have little bit different but u cant expect it to be major Well its better than idiot mc where they start provoking some major family then some shit luck and plot Armor make them strong then killing then in name of eliminating roots damn i hate then if things can be done easy way why they have to do in difficult way .................. I advice my fellow readers don't trust any review about any novel try few chapter if u don't like then drop it its not like we are losing somthing.......... Peace out

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