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Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation

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Después de terminar diligentemente la tarea de transmigración rápida número 999, Shizhi finalmente puede elegir un mundo para pasar los días de su jubilación.

Shizhi se rompió los dedos en condiciones de elevación——

Luego, con el deseo de darle la bienvenida a una nueva vida mejor, se transformó en la heroína de un shuangwen * en el círculo de entretenimiento. Era hermosa y estaba en buena forma, pero no tenía dinero. También era famosa y estaba muy endeudada.

* shuangwen: género específico de novelas, generalmente tiene muchas bofetadas, por lo que leerlo hace que el lector se sienta "shuang" (refrescante)

Shizhi:? ? ?

Sistema: Anfitrión, apresúrate hacia adelante con valentía, rasga, fuerza, tira y pisa sobre él rápidamente. ¡Después de convertirse en la principal celebridad, puede ser descubierto por el ama de llaves del hombre más rico y heredar cientos de millones de propiedades!

Shizhi: ¿Por qué me tomaría tantas molestias? Ella estaba aquí para jubilarse.

Se volvió directamente hacia la rica ama de llaves: "Querida, ¿crees que me parezco a la hija de tu amo muerto?" Se obtienen cientos de millones de propiedades.

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  1. can anyone help me find a QT novel with op female i dont think there is cp i remember at first episode she is acting like a sweet and silly girl but she makes her system sleep and instantly changes into a strong female and always fools the system telling it that main system is against them and in one of the arc finds a female with a live broadcast system connected to a interstellar world where she gives the admiral a diagnosis to heal his son's mental state and gains great profits later she overthrows her system connection to main system and travels as the main god herself establishing her system as main system

  2. she's savage... at first I'm very reluctant to read this because i still couldn't move on from the books i have read but after continue reading it, this story is not bad.. it's actually nice.

  3. I read the author's other work "Salted Fish in the Entertainment Circle" and LOVED it and decided to read his other works. This one is just as good if not better. The netizens in that book were really cute and here they might annoy y'all for only a few chapters unlike other entertainment books where they are brainless most of the time so props to the author. MC and ML are cute too. ML only shows up halfway through the story but it doesn't feel like anything is missing because the MC has a larger than life character so it's not boring at all. I so so wish to read more books like this or salted fish where the MCs don't intend for them to become popular but they do. It's so fascinating. Recommend y'all to read this and the author's other book I spoke about. They are cute and entertaining and don't hurt your brain. MTL only has 2 of the author's works so will read his remaining stuff on other sites. Just copy and paste the author's name and a bunch of sites with the stories should pop up including the official publisher (jwxxc).

  4. 女魔头在线崩书[快穿] bu kitabın yazarının başka bir kitabı. Göç romanı. Kahraman şeytan. Bolum 4 te kaldım.

  5. is there a missing or a missplaced chapter? It feels like between chapter 18 and 19 have to be a few more chapter, I feel like jump reading from chap 18 to chap 30

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