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Shenhao Started From Bragging About Paying Taxes

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¿Es útil alardear? Por supuesto que es inútil, eso se debe a que no tienes que pagar impuestos por presumir.

Li Tianyu de repente se convirtió en el anfitrión del "sistema impositivo fanfarrón", y todo se volvió diferente.

Porque, solo sus derechos de fanfarronear deben pagar impuestos ...

Li Tianyu: ¡Tengo una suite en el tercer anillo de la capital imperial!

Sistema: pague 6000 yuanes para obtener un conjunto de residencias en el tercer anillo de la capital imperial.

Li Tianyu: Tengo un Porsche Cayenne.

Sistema: pague un impuesto de 850 yuanes para obtener un modelo de gama alta de Porsche Cayenne.

Li Tianyu: ¡Soy una élite empresarial!

Sistema: pague un impuesto de 58.000 yuanes para mejorar la calidad general del host.

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Título corto:SSFBAPT
Titulo original:神豪从吹牛纳税开始
Autor(a):Eight Bladed Sage Wolf
Weekly Rank:#399
Monthly Rank:#488
All Time Rank:#976
Tags:Male Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Sudden Wealth, System,
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50 Comments on “Shenhao Started From Bragging About Paying Taxes
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  1. Among shenhao novels this is a better one. The ML has a system that as long as he says something out loud he only needs to pay taxes to obtain that object. He does not live in a world where there are only beautiful girls around him. Most characters have their own settings. It is a bit of face slap novel but the type you see a face slap once every 10 or so chapters. There are routines. He kinda neglects some of the blessings the system can bring him in the skill department. He has actually cares about the people he comes across (not just woman but also family and friend and strangers.) He controls what he gets involved in. I would love such a system. The ending can be say quite decent, because in my opinion the author have been write a repeatedly routine over and over ,i think is wise for author to stop here, at least ML get together with the Heroine. What a worthwhile reading journey. I'm confidently recommended this novel to you, good luck. .El Psy Congroo.

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