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Rise of the Empire Total War

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El país fue destruido y la familia fue destruida, y los rebeldes confiscaron la herencia de los antepasados.

Por casualidad, el estudiante universitario del siglo XXI es el príncipe Ricardo.

atravesó con él, y hubo un misterioso sistema de guerra total.

Veamos cómo Richard usó el sistema de guerra total para hacer famosa en este mundo la bandera del águila del Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico y la bandera del iris de la dinastía Stuart ...

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Título corto:RETW
Titulo original:帝国崛起全面战争
Weekly Rank:#1790
Monthly Rank:#2867
All Time Rank:#2407
Tags:Aristocrat, Army Building, European Ambience, Firearms, Harem, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Knights, Modern Knowledge, Nobles, Schemes And Conspiracies, Slaves, Summoning Magic, System, Transmigration, Transported into a Game World, Wars,
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31 Comments on “Rise of the Empire Total War
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  1. most stupid mc in kingdom building genres ever. i am fan of this genres but this novel is very disappointed. the mc just rely on total war system to get every thing and not use future knowledge to upgrade any thing. the story telling is out of genres.keep narrate small action of fighting and neglect all the management and development.romance is... none just politic marriag. i endure to read about 200 chaptor with no development so i drop it.

  2. MC is stupid. Why would he use Napoleonic era equipment loadouts and army organizations when your still fighting enemies using weapons of the current era, isn't he insightful enough of that era's weaknesses? And he's not even using the correct distribution of troops, a regiment of 1000-1200 musket infantry needs to be supported by a squadron of 200-300 cavalry. He's too eager for his own good. He would have better results if he went for the Spanish Tercio first.

  3. what can i say, it's pretty subpar kingdom building wise, it doesnt go to deep into anything, extreme lack details, lack of planning on author, felt like he skim reads and apply it to his novel. there's also the feeling of straightforward and lack of geopolitical intrigue, mc uses Force every single time. don't care much about his reputation. lacking finesse . so it is mostly war, and mc rarely take initiative on something. so his reputation is really bad. because he knew SYSTEM will always wipe his ass!. extremely reliant on system. he don't have much personality either. 2.5/5

  4. Everyone has differents likes Personally I think the novel is ok Not a masterpiece on a scale of 1 to 10 I would say 7 and that is only because the author got lazy with the details But the story was good

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