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Reborn Military Marriage: The Chief Military Doctor is Not Easy To Mess With!

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(médico militar jefe + contrato de matrimonio militar + texto de mascota genial + mujer fuerte)

¡Ella es la doctora militar en jefe del Imperio de la Federación Interestelar con excelentes habilidades médicas y una fuerte habilidad física!

Bajo el asedio del ejército zerg, se inmoló y renació en la tierra antigua hace miles de años. ¡Se convirtió en un pobre huérfano que fue apuñalado por su hermana gemela en los tiempos modernos!

Se reinicia Destiny, vuelve a llegar el pico, ¡y todo es lógico!

Lo único que me molesta un poco es que un mayor con discapacidad en las extremidades inferiores que fue rescatado al azar...

¡Oye, oye, oye! Tus piernas han sido curadas, ¿por qué sigues estirándolas?

Gu Ruyun: "¡Si vuelves a frotarte contra mí, mi madre te cortará las tres piernas!"

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Título corto:RMMCMDNETMW
Titulo original:重生军婚:首席军医不好惹!
Autor(a):Shen Junwan
Weekly Rank:#461
Monthly Rank:#379
All Time Rank:#208
Tags:Army, Arranged Marriage, College, Cultivation, Doctors, Family Conflict, Fat to Fit, Female Protagonist, Healers, Marriage, Medical Knowledge, Military, Pets, Poor to Rich, Rebirth, Schemes And Conspiracies, Transmigration, Twins, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. Can someone find a novel of arranged marriage in which ml is rich and fl is normal family but was asked to give blood to first love when pregnant . Later she was told it's difficult to get pregnant but gave birth to 3 more

  2. Can someone help me find this novel The story of two person who had an arrange mariage the and the man is a soldier and on their honeymoon he took his wife to sky diving and to watching snakes his wife finnaly snaps, she cried and ignore him for days. Hw dont know what to do so he called his mom and tell her what happend. When his mom learned about what happend she gave him an earfull before advising him to tell her the rwason he brought her there. The reason why he brought her there becouse thats what his brothers in army would do if they have got married sadly they have died in the war and he is the only one who survive so he take it upon himself to do it istead

  3. Done reading. Hmm skipped a lot of college drama and few of slapping moments. I’m wondering what happened to the white cat and the Lester guy? I can’t say I like or can like.. it’s neither 🤭

  4. reached chapter 350 by skipping a lot of school drama. im just rly interested with ml and fl's story but till now theres not much. might put this on hold

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