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Rebirth to 90s: Start from Scratch

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En 1990, confiando en los 36,56 yuanes de mi hermana, construí un imperio empresarial con mis propias manos. A partir de treinta y seis yuanes ... A partir de una persona ...

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Título corto:RT90SFS
Titulo original:重生90之白手起家
Weekly Rank:#4856
Monthly Rank:#4931
All Time Rank:#5132
Tags:Business Management, Lack of Common Sense, Nationalism, Racism, Second Chance,
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29 Comments on “Rebirth to 90s: Start from Scratch
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  1. this is garbage , why? he played with gangster all day long , getting beaten up all day long , and suffered all day long for what? , he's a goddamn traverser! you know that unlike those rebirth to 80s-90s , this guy is like a retarded version of those, his 2nd bussiness is a goddamn lottery(scratch card) which 30% goes to CCP, 20% goes to gangster A , 10% goes to gangster B and none of them have done shit! mc 1st bussiness got destroyed by an unknown gangster and his employee almost got killed! , 1st time ive seen a traverser mc become slave to gangster and probably CCP slave when he got big LMAO!

  2. Oh you just keep reading because the MC is just getting started.... He will show you what it means to live your life for others.

  3. Actually it's not the fault of chinese people that there are such shit novels everywhere, this is not some novels made by official publication and goes through reviews, the stories are not made for publically supporting the govt, its just some random guys writing stories, does anyone really think that japanese people have no opinion on other countries or any of your countries doesn't have opinions on others, those people are everywhere, now you might ask why doesn't anime shows nationalism and racism, so the answer it simple, it is supposed to be shown on tv so it goes through reviews.these novels don't go through review to cut out all the racist parts.

  4. are there any sites which have series novel of this length of countries excluding chinese, japanese and korean? It;s about time to look for some Please dont say royal road

  5. you don't understand .. our country was communist till last 20 years ... the party was brainwashing millions, tens of millions were joining into volunteering members.. they would even snitch on their family if someone said or had an idea that the party don't like you having. china is building a big brainwashing stream of novels giving people stereotypes to Americans, blacks, Arab and other people... I went to china once .. they even think we are racist against them and really believe someone somewhere called them yellow monkeys.. I've never seen someone do .. what Im saying is .. don't think it's weird to have some party members write fictions just to promote for some idea

  6. This has a lot of truth In it people are stupid and tend to not look at the political side of things and a lot of people have forgotten about what the nazis did and how they controlled Germany with propaganda secret police and other forms of brain washing and limiting information to what they want you to know funny part is many many countries did the same but they didn't isolate them selves like the Chinese and Germans look at Americans as a example all Americans believe that America is the greatest country in the world and the reason is right in front of us the entertainment is all American propaganda from comic books to films look at superman what's his moto again "for truth justice and the american way" which is okay but the american way is anything but that I could go on about movies and how they alienated the Russians and Chinese for a long period of time in the 90ts note how many villains where from these countries even rocky for crying out loud and don't get me started on slavery and racism in anycase china has major major issues that need to be worked out but a lot of Chinese people who leave china aren't like what is described in these books They are open and kind people who have been miss led just like the miss led white community in America

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