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Rebirth to 80s: A Doctor’s Daughter-in-law Raises a Cub

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Ye Wenying, la joven y hermosa directora del departamento de obstetricia y ginecología, una vez viajó a la década de 1980. Tenía que comer o no ponerse o no ponerse, pero no estaba preocupada. Después de todo, hay un espacio mágico y excelentes habilidades médicas. Se necesitan minutos para hacerse rico. cosa.

Abra una pequeña clínica para ganar algo de dinero extra y añadir un poco de aceite y agua a la familia.

Abre un área libre y planta semillas de vegetales de alta tecnología para complementar a los cachorros con vitaminas.

Al final, confiando en los campos y la mano de obra únicos, ¿incluso comenzó una fábrica de frutas secas que todos envidiaban?

Sin embargo, su esposo sintió que dar a luz y criar cachorros era el trabajo más importante en este momento.

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Título corto:DDILRC
Titulo original:重生八零:医女媳妇养崽崽
Weekly Rank:#2500
Monthly Rank:#2716
All Time Rank:#2127
Tags:Childbirth, China Reform, Female Protagonist, Magical Space, Medical Knowledge, Pregnancy, Rebirth,
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  1. Guys can anyone tell me the name of this movel Synopsis, before her death, Xia Wan has seen her own family being set up and killed, her beloved recognizing the wrong person as his savior, and their engagement party! Even her upperclassman had run a blade through her chest, snarling spitefully, "Xia Bing will have everything with your death! It was Xia Bing again! She stole all of Xia Wan's accomplishments and her lover's, but wanted her dead as well! And yet, Xia Wan could not say a word against her! However, when she thought that her death was inevitable, Xia Wan was reincarnated to a day 18 years ago, when her whole family was still alive and before all tragedy began! This time, she swore that she will have her family stay safe, healthy and happy. Insincere skanks trying to stop her? She slapped them until they cry! Scumbags wanting to date her? Xia Wan: Sorry, you're too ugly. After chasing off everyone and finally earning some peace, Xia Wan was going to sleep when someone knocked on her door. She opened it to find her beloved from the last life!"Do I happen to fit your type?" The sight of his white shirt and slightly bared chest left Xia Wan clutching her bleeding nose. Xia Wan: Men are too sexy

  2. Guys, have you ever read a story that has vibes and a synopsis like 80's Fat Girl Counterattack and the story is almost exactly like this, but I forgot the title, is it a beautiful girl who transmigrated to 60/70/80? an hiks forget to be a fat girl wkwkwk continues to have a mission system to become a girl who seduces a handsome soldier, the son of the village head, wkwkwk she has to carry out her mission to lose weight and become beautiful, now that girl has a sister who is white lotus, which means pretending to be kind and many younger brothers , their parents died . I kind of forgot the plot but later the soldier married this girl and they were blessed with twins 3 boys, when giving birth to this soldier there was a mission and was seriously injured until amnesia and forgot his wife ... pls if you know the title, please...please...answer me😭

  3. Does anyone know the title of this story which tells that there is a woman from the 21st century who transmigrated to the year 60 or 70 (I forgot ) the woman's name is Zhao Lifang, she has golden fingers in the form of lingquan water, in the story she has a husband who is a soldier who declared dead for 3 years his surname Yin, they have 3 children, the eldest child is a girl named Yin Dongxue, and the second and third children are twins a boy and a girl. One day the Yin army suddenly returned home, it turned out that he was not dead. then they chose together, Zhao Lifang entered Kyoto University majoring in history and became the great author of "The Rise of China". And her army husband Yin holds a high position in the military, her eldest daughter Yin Dongxue becomes the president of a great company, her second daughter is a valuable scientist who specializes in creating weapons, and the youngest son becomes a soldier following in his father's footsteps. anyone who knows this story please reply to this message...because this novel is really really good, and i want to read it again❤❤🌟

  4. Tittle: Happy to be a mother in the 1970s. Another Tittle : 七十年代喜当妈 You can read in =

  5. Tittle: Happy to be a mother in the 1970s. Another Tittle : 七十年代喜当妈 You can read in =

  6. Tittle: Happy to be a mother in the 1970s. Another Tittle : 七十年代喜当妈 You can read in =

  7. Tittle: Happy to be a mother in the 1970s. Another Tittle : 七十年代喜当妈 You can read in =

  8. It was a pain reading this one when I reached somewhere beyond ch.600, It was very messy and it's all over the place like a broken jigsaw puzzle. I had to persevere though just to finish it ,😂 I am quite disappointed with most of the villain characters here, cause I think that they just got away with doing bad things mostly because the MC doesn't have that much power and they just tolerated them and became passive. I decided to finish reading this one because I was hoping that the crazy wu yunqing woman would regret what she did but sadly most of the bad guys here just comes and gets forgotten and it's up to readers to decide their punishment and it totally gave me frustrations, thank you author 😂

  9. I feel really irritated by this novel.firstly she cheated him with her identity, secondly the ml acts like a top fool to me.he his the fact that that wu lady was in love with him and allowed his second brother to marry her.i just feel he's selfish and disgusting.the problem he's avoiding ended up being close to him

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