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Rebirth of the God of Comics

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Chen Ze, un otaku incondicional que ama la animación, renació en un mundo extraño similar a la tierra, donde la cultura es próspera y la economía está desarrollada.

Sin embargo, Chen Ze se sorprendió al descubrir, Nima, por qué no hay "Naruto" y "One Piece" que estaba persiguiendo aquí.

Sin mencionar estos dos libros, en el pasado no hay muchos clásicos del anime como "Slam Dunk", "Dragon Ball", "Doraemon", "Inuyasha", "Detective Conan", etc.

Chen Ze, que vivía sin estos cómics, dijo que Alexander, no tenía más remedio que escribir y volver a dibujar los cómics clásicos de la vida anterior.

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Título corto:ROTGOC
Titulo original:重生漫画之神
Autor(a):Forever Joe's gang leader
Weekly Rank:#1823
Monthly Rank:#1586
All Time Rank:#1595
Tags:Arrogant Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Businessmen, Card Games, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Handsome Male Lead, Late Romance, Male Protagonist, Modern Days, Modern World, Otaku, System, Writers,
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32 Comments on “Rebirth of the God of Comics
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  1. Mc was genius, he doesn't have system to help him but he can remember every single detail, chapter and song anime from all anime and manga but why the hell he so dumb and doesn't even know to speak and read english language?Was there no english subject being taught in school or what?It doesn't make sense at all

  2. Too bad. I have high hope for this novel. But what author write is face slapping without logic. MC has never fail before, but somehow everyone including his own employee / editor not confident with MC works. It's weird really.....

  3. when he start to write new novel he will always loser and when his opponent post his comics everyone will say we have winner mc is loser. and this happens every time. for god of comics he go to USA but didn't create dc world or marvel world. i m sad that he didn't "create" bleach also this novel end fast its should have gone many more chapter he create one piece at chapter 500s and after few chapter novel end spoiler dont read if dont want about one piece everyone didn't think he won and he only won because he "create" doremon. and there is also say that doremon is best comics. after he end Naruto first part he forget to tell fans that there will be part 2 so fan become mad.

  4. This is one of few novel where mc were protected by his boss family's influence (monopolize of real estate industry) thus despite there's face slapping scene, no one dare to use improper / illegal mean against mv after they figure out who the power behind his boss beside the first few time whether its lotte magazine, Largest Cinema Theater Industrial monopoly or Chinese government they get scared away & reluctantly could only use cent warriors & media to smear the public opinion. Althought the title is too misleading since mc only release Shounen Manga, theres no shoujo romance, magical girl etc etc. The only exception is doraemon, Yugioh & Digimon probably so wtf with god manga at most mv only typical popular shounen mangaka lol.

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