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Rebirth Interstellar Counterattack

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El genio cultivador de la tierra se convirtió en un chico chatarra de la alianza y fue expulsado de la familia.
El Louzi Creek que fue expulsado de la familia recogió a un niño con cicatrices
Lou Zixi dijo que criara a dos personas, Alexander
Lou Zixi descubrió que parecía haber elegido un personaje increíble
Un niño se convierte en hombre en un año
¿Y por qué un hombre se parece a Mo Luoxuan, uno de los cuatro generales?
Louzixi QAQ

Palabras clave de contraataque interestelar renacimiento: contraataque interestelar renacimiento, Lingyue, renacimiento, Tanmei

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Título corto:RIC
Titulo original:重生星际之逆袭
Weekly Rank:#3346
Monthly Rank:#2765
All Time Rank:#5162
Tags:Cultivation, Interestellar, Transmigration,
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15 Comments on “Rebirth Interstellar Counterattack
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  1. It is a fun read. Don't listen to the sheep. Take a read for yourself. It is not as bad to read and they make it to seem. The characters have their ups and downs and that makes it fun. Enjoy!

  2. Hey can somebody find me this yaoi world hopping novel where the mc is too beautiful and goes into spiritual world created by ml to collect energy for their planet and he acts as a villain in every spiritual world can somebody pls pls find me this I've been searching for months but still didn't get it

  3. Are you talking about Quickly Wear The Face of the Devil?

  4. No it's the same kind of worldhopping but still little changes are there like I Guess (from little what I can remember) ml was a world consciousness/ planet itself and there are some parts like in which when he entered ML's spiritual world he was in coma in real world and everybody were worried about him and there is also one World in which mc is rich second generation and ml is bartender . thanks for searching it it's ok that u couldn't find it but thanku for taking trouble 😊

  5. Oh I know, isn't that mc from an extraordinary family and ML feels inferior because of that he rose to become marshal...?(if I'm not mistaken) And there was an incident where ML's spirituality was divided into several personalities and there mc had to unite the personalities in the world that ML made,???,,, ah sorry my english is bad,

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