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Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

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Lin Tian, ​​que se había reencarnado en el mundo de One Piece hace diez años, conoció a Garp, que estaba de guardia para erradicar a los piratas, y se convirtió en su alumno.

En los últimos diez años, Lin Tian ha vivido su vida como soldado de la Marina y ha experimentado muchas aventuras y batallas increíbles en Grand Line.

Sin embargo, debido al incidente de World Nobles que sacudió al mundo, se rebeló contra el Marine hasta que resultó gravemente herido.

Se escapó y conoció a Luffy, que había formado una pequeña tripulación pirata, y se convirtió en el vice-capitán de Luffy en esa tripulación pirata.

Regresa a Grand Line y comienza un nuevo viaje con Luffy como su capitán.

Lin Tian se acostumbró a interpretar el papel de un vicecapitán que siempre hacía planes, tenía capitanes poco fiables y siempre actuaba antes de pensar en las cosas emocionantes que sucederían…

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Título corto:OPDC
Titulo original:重生海贼王之副船长
Autor(a):Day Suprise
Weekly Rank:#354
Monthly Rank:#546
All Time Rank:#481
Tags:Boss-Subordinate Relationship, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, First-time Intercourse, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, One Piece, Reincarnated in Another World, Reincarnation, Wars, Weak to Strong,
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32 Comments on “Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain
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  1. Well...from chapter 1 you can already tell that Mc is a bit retarded. "Although this world is extremely dangerous, it is much better than the previous life. It is a world where opportunities and crises coexist. As long as you are willing to work hard, why can't you break out of this world and see what the onepiece is in the mouth of Roger One Piece." Does the Mc not think properly? In the real world, there are also opportunities and risks but the opportunities and risks are lower than the one piece world. But judging by his orphan background, I guess it is natural to not care about your own life and use your muscles instead of your brains.

  2. Author add fate bullshit (like Aces chest damaged from nothing to let huang yuanBorsalino can kill him for let he die after they save he) after changing everything ( like add original characters let somthing happen change a lot of stuff about he ) but saying it is all fate . Fate my ass , Fate of whom . How can a non original manga character livs and do something and can't kill by fate but Ace and something like it die crom fate ? He should have choked on his own saliva . Lol

  3. It starts not bad tier good but falls from high even though i dont know how it can arise this high when it is not this good . 13 age old haki user super duper mc 21 years old kuzan borsalino sakasuki tier . Some chinese space manipulation . Nerfed mc to let join straw hats . Mc save slmeone but very overpowered 'so called fate' will kill him . Mc kill someone but again very overpowered 'so called fate' will help them to escape . Why others mc killed die but this ones become immortal for 'fate' . Faaate ?

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