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Lu Qingze, un maestro del pueblo, una vez transmigró en un libro y se convirtió en un desafortunado maestro imperial.

Rodeado de lobos, o deserta al primer ministro que tiene poder sobre el gobierno, o convierte al joven emperador en una generación de emperadores a lo largo de los siglos.

Por hábito profesional, Lu Qingze eligió este último.

Nadie está asombrado por Lu Qingze, el maestro del emperador que crió al joven emperador con una sola mano. Tiene innumerables seguidores del maestro imperial. Se rumorea que Lu Qingze tiene una cara fea, por lo que siempre usa una máscara plateada, vive en un lugar apartado y rara vez se muestra frente a los demás.

Solo el joven emperador sabía qué tipo de rostro puro y hermoso yacía debajo de esa máscara.

Después de resolver el problema, Lu Qingze se dio cuenta en retrospectiva de que crió al pequeño cachorro para que fuera un lobo grande, y ahora que el enemigo común se ha ido, el pequeño emperador comenzó a mover a la gente a su alrededor, y la siguiente persona que quiere caer al suelo es Él; y ahora que los conejos están muertos, ¡hay que cocinar los perros!

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Título corto:RW
Titulo original:养狼为患
Autor(a):Qing Duan
Weekly Rank:#3268
Monthly Rank:#5050
All Time Rank:#6762
Tags:Court Official, Mob Protagonist, Politics, Proactive Protagonist, Royalty, Sickly Characters, Student-Teacher Relationship, Teachers, Transmigration, Younger Love Interests,
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  1. ‏Hello, I hope you can help me find this novel its bl. I think I read it on Wattpad, but I don't remember.. Really a lot of events. Well, the novel is about a boy who died and was resurrected in an ancient world. When he opened his eyes, he was in a hut and there was one or two children and he is their older brother.the poor, then he searched for the memories of the body. He discovered that he had a fiancé, who is the butcher of the village. He was excited when he discovered that he was handsome and strong, and he was his favorite type. He discovered that this body did not love his fiancé, so he ignored him and did not ask for help when his father died When he found out about this, he decided to use it to start a conversation, so he shyly went to him and told him that he wanted some firewood, so he agreed and then ran away from him shyly, and the other man thought that a boy hated him, and when he saw his shyness, he knew that he loved him and did not hate him.. This is the last thing I remember really. I apologize if there were mistakes. I am using a translator, hope you can help me

  2. Hi, for the second month I can't find a novel that I once read, I hope someone knows it. The main character is young, he has achieved everything and he has his own company, but everything is boring for him. His friend or assistant says that there is a virtual game like. You go through worlds and all that. And there was the apocalypse arch. The hero has an older brother who works in the army and this brother is his partner from other arches. They are together, but at the very end they find out that they are not brothers. At the very end of the novel, it seems like ML appears who invented this game for MС.

  3. I wont enter tho. I dont understand much abt xianxia so its hard. For anyone who may encounter missing chaps or!! U r Welcome!! hehe

  4. Ah, little devil, thank you! It's gotten harder to read novels here because of all the broken chapters. Luckily you're here, doing us rotten zombies a great deal >♡<

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