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Quick Transmigration: The Villain Is Delicate and Soft

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Después de que su vida terminó, Nan Fei Yu se unió a un sistema de villanos. Para completar las tareas del sistema lo antes posible y remodelar su cuerpo, se convirtió en una villana que todos odiaban. ¡Todos querían que muriera! Sin embargo, si el villano era delicado y suave, ¿trajo un atractivo halo?

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Titulo original:反派她声娇体软[快穿]
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Tags:Female Protagonist, Multiple Realms, System Administrator, Transmigration, World Hopping, Yandere,
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7 Comments on “Quick Transmigration: The Villain Is Delicate and Soft
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  1. Well, the setting of MC and ML here is quite...well, dunno. MC is new for the QT so do the system is. MC is accumulating points so she could go back to her world because she has something to fight for, to live for in her world. As usual, She doesn't know nor does the system that the man they chose to be with is actually the same. As for the ML, obviously, he is from outer space and there is an arc where he killed the son of fate that makes MC to failed her mission and that makes him be awakened. since then, they had a head-on collision. As for the plot... it is cliché and nothing special. Dark - like super dark and black soul ML's. However, it is a roller coaster of the genre. It can go from minor smut scenes to super angsty.

  2. ada rekomendasi novel QT tapi akhirnya ceweknya meninggal dan cowoknya sedih gara gara cewenya pergi? there was a recommendation for a QT novel but in the end the girl died and the boy was sad because the girl left?

  3. The last chapter (epilogue : chapter 272) is missing. Go there to read it if not uploaded :

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