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Quick Transmigration, the Male Lead is Not Easy to Top

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En un mundo donde todos tienen un sistema, Liang Yu, que había perdido su sistema anterior, finalmente recibió uno segundo. Esta vez, estaba interpretando al segundo protagonista masculino en lugar de carne de cañón.

Él tiene una misión.

Doblar el cable macho.

Liang Yu: Puedo hacer esta tarea muy bien. Pero Dios mío, por favor, no dejes caer la novela de nuevo.

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Título corto:MLNETT
Titulo original:快穿之男主他不好攻
Autor(a):Demon Gong
Weekly Rank:#2065
Monthly Rank:#1349
All Time Rank:#2805
Tags:Adopted Children, Amnesia, Businessmen, Celebrities, Clever Protagonist, Cruel Characters, Cunning Protagonist, Cute Children, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Jealousy, Manly Gay Couple, Misunderstandings, Modern Day, Mpreg, Multiple POV, Possessive Characters, Power Couple, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Quick Transmigration, R*pe, R*pe Victim Becomes Lover, Second Chance, Seme Protagonist, Smart Couple, Straight Uke, Strong Love Interests, System Administrator, Transmigration, World Hopping,
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50 Comments on “Quick Transmigration, the Male Lead is Not Easy to Top
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  1. Actually its good, for someone who want to see much dogblood. The longer i read, the longer i think ml dont deserve mc, not even a single hair. So many masocism. If mc mission isnt to attack ml, probably he will torture ml. I mean, hell nah. Even when mc payback the attitude of ml, I think its not enough. And they got HE, like??? The drama was like Mad Mad. I only satisfy with some arc. And you can count it in one hand. And again, if you are not into some dogblood-domineering-masocism, dont read it, save your soul. But if you did, then this one is for you.

  2. Is there other novels like this one ( QT , seme protagonist , yaoi , yandere ) ? Because I seriously can't find it , so if any of you know it pleaaaaaaaaas tell me 🙏

  3. Beloved husband -Dont be a kept man -On the Thousand Postures Reconstructed by the Scumbags -This Quick Transmigration Experience Is a Bit Sweet -The Protagonist Only Thinks About Falling In Love -Raiders counterattack

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