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Quick Transmigration: Cannon Fodder Comes to Counterattack

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Meng Li no les diría a los demás que se uniría al gran avión cuando estuviera muerta.

Se convierte en una tasker que viaja a través de varios aviones para completar tareas.

Contraataque, abuso de escoria, etc… Después de cada tarea, obtendrá recompensas. Si no logra completar alguna tarea, será lijada hasta la muerte. Para completar la tarea, debe viajar por varios mundos.

Sí, Meng Li dijo que le gusta mucho y aceptó hacer el trabajo.

Sin embargo, ¿por qué hay tantas maravillas en la misión? ¿Quieren salvar el mundo?

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Título corto:CFCTC
Titulo original:快穿任务:炮灰来逆袭
Autor(a):Rice Balls A Good Round
Weekly Rank:#632
Monthly Rank:#1202
All Time Rank:#1376
Tags:Apocalypse, Appearance Different from Actual Age, Calm Protagonist, Cold Love Interests, Cold Protagonist, Cultivation, Death of Loved Ones, Fantasy World, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Harsh Training, Late Romance, Loner Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Modern Day, Multiple Identities, Multiple Realms, Near-Death Experience, Previous Life Talent, Proactive Protagonist, Saving the World, Slow Romance, Stubborn Protagonist, System Administrator, Transmigration, Transplanted Memories, World Hopping,
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28 Comments on “Quick Transmigration: Cannon Fodder Comes to Counterattack
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  1. Can someone help finding the name of transmigration novel. Female lead. Arc - mc has red birth mark on her face. She fought and gained president position with the help of her grandma and promised to return it to male lead of the world after 5 years.

  2. Hey somebody can help me I forgot the novel name but I remember story if any boy know plzz tell me the story name it's also transmigration into villainess novel the fl transmigration into the book she is the villainess and MC hate her because she always irriating him and after mc fell in love with her and have a son during child birth the fl transmigration into the original world and after he meet the original MC and he fell in love with her and she work as a reporter but she need to go to novel world so she died because of earthquake and return to the novel world if some one know plzz tell me the title plzzz

  3. Quick Transmigration Arc plot :her(step) brother is an alpha with 3s mental Strength while our she Transmigrated as an weak omega, fl task is to make Ml (Brother) to fall in love with her but then original Body Is Afraid of Ml before so fl needs to fix her relationship with ML First ml has Pheromones outbreak and menstrual cycle and Ml knock on fl door because she ml gits attracted then Ml take more attention to Fl when fl got many Gifts from other men Ml gets jealous and blacken since then when fl wants to hang out with her friends on the mall ML stalks fl all day and when fl Almost gets rape with a drunkard man in front of Ml Gots angry and Save fl. and when there is a Banquet Ml also helps Fl

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