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Portable Space Can be Summoned

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Cuando despertó, Yang Yuan se encontró renaciendo.

Cuando tenía un año, "Ah, no solo renacimiento, sino también transmigración".

A la edad de tres años, "¡Goldfinger finalmente está en su lugar!"

El espacio portátil es útil.

Catorce años, "¿Qué diablos es mi dedo de oro?"

Yang Yuan gritó en el cielo...

Yang Yuan, de treinta años, que se abrazaba de izquierda a derecha, se paró en Emperor Tread Peak, señalando la vasta tierra, "¡Este es el país que he conquistado!"

Dios mío, ¡los dedos dorados son tan fragantes!

- Descripción de MTLNovel


Título corto:PSCS
Titulo original:随身空间能召唤
Autor(a):be fat
Weekly Rank:#1740
Monthly Rank:#1061
All Time Rank:#3563
Tags:Ancient China, Army Building, Cheats, Farming, Industrialization, Kingdom Building, Loyal Subordinates, Magical Space, Male Protagonist, Modern Knowledge, Multiple POV, Politics, Poor to Rich, Racism, Schemes And Conspiracies, Slow Growth at Start, Summoned Hero, System, Transmigration, Transported into Another World, Wars,
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41 Comments on “Portable Space Can be Summoned
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  1. Mengapa anda membacanya? Eropa lebih mengerikan dengan yang namanya rasis Dan ini novel china anda harus tahu eropa selalu menekan negara luar eropa dan membuat banyak nasyarakat membencinya. Juga novel ini bercerita soal militer dan itu hal wajar mementingkan negara sendiri, anda harus cari novel romance kalau ridaj ingin membaca ada unsur rasis

  2. Sama aja kau bamgsat yg namanya rasis ngak peduli apa itu ras... emangny aklau cina rasis bisa dibenarkan.. indo pun bnyak ug rasis dsar goblok... inyinya dimanapun rasis jlas bnyak orng ug ngak suka apalagi berbau nationalis... gtu aja ngk ngerti goblok

  3. Esto es louna mismo como cuando un prota rencarna en un pais accidental nunca se casa con mujeres occidenrakes por mas novias quw tenga siempre se casara con una mujer china Pero siento que es normal como cuando un latino llega a eeuu siemore normal@ente se junta con mujeres latianas

  4. the first chapter kinda give me some bad juju since it say "What makes Yang Yuan more gratified is that the owner of this land is also a human, exactly the same as the Blue Star he lived in before, and even the race looks the same." wow does that mean he look down at other race ? that just show red flag here and there bruh i mean unless the new world he is in at has Chinese only then if not i can confirm it gonna be racist if there not just Chinese..

  5. read properly i say he said not i said.... he say he is happy he is human and he the same as before when he was in blue star AKA CHINESE and if he is not chinese he be sad or hate it judging by what the author write...i guess u don't read a lot of Chinese novels....all authors like to make china number one like they always make the mc have the so call "chinese blood" in them like there one novel where the mc is born in a Japanese body but the body is slowly changing to his original body aka "Chinese blood" but he keep his japan name and he already happy af AND other novel which have chinese name the MC always have a prejudice against other country saying that other country is bad and china is bro did u even read other chinese novel they always have japan people come and kill or attack them like wth and even make the japan say "baka" etc and rude word like wth then they also bring the white people where author make them say " yellow monkey" like bruh nowadays no one even say yellow monkey

  6. I whole heartedly agree, and as they say in China to anyone that disagrees. (REMOVED) (REMOVED) (REMOVED) (REMOVED) (REMOVED)

  7. Truth,all knowledgeable readers know that. The first vibe that the intro gives me is that MC is stupid too. Not gonna read this novel.

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