Pirates: God Class Vice Captain

The famous One Piece and the pioneer of the era of great pirates, Gore D. Roger, has one greatest wish in his life—that is to go back to his youth, to take the self who is about to know his cheating vice-captain as a whole. Slap to death! During the new book period, two updates [.... Lee mas

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Chapter 153 This content stinks like water. Shameless. Chapter 152 Look up to the stars to do business! Chapter 151 Steel Bone Kong: I was tricked!

Chapter 150 Wow, the fight is really intense Chapter 149 The real protagonist who hasn't appeared in a long time Chapter 148 The steel bone is empty and speechless looking at the sky (for the lord to lose germs Chapter 147 Chilong old slippery head Chapter 146 The red dragon who was beaten into a dog (for the leader to lose the germ Chapter 145 Two overlords Chapter 144 fallen dragon Chapter 143 Cerberus three-headed dog mode Chapter 142 Terrible attacker!

Chapter 141 Meet Chiron Chapter 140 all startled Chapter 139 Meet Uncle again

Chapter 138 Collusion with the naval forces Chapter 137 In fact, the school uniforms we wore when we were young were not only cheating Chapter 136 library flow ok Chapter 135 The reason why the reward does not increase Chapter 134 Looking at the stars Chapter 133 Rogue town is cordoned off Chapter 132 Who killed Kenan? Chapter 131 the dust is about to settle Chapter 130 I just sent him to feed the fish...

Chapter 129 Kenan's last obsession! Chapter 128 Du Hang's domain! Chapter 127 Inherent enchantment, open! Chapter 126 The enemy will also open up Chapter 125 Six-sided meeting (end) Chapter 126 .The cold got worse and I couldn't get out of bed Chapter 124 Six-sided meeting (7) Chapter 123 Six-sided meeting (6) Chapter 122 Six-sided meeting (5) Chapter 121 Six-sided meeting (4) Chapter 121 .Apology letter Chapter 120 Six-sided meeting (3)

Chapter 119 Six-sided meeting (2) Chapter 118 Six-sided meeting (1) Chapter 117 Changes in the situation Chapter 116 meet intelligence merchant Chapter 115 Du Hang's information Chapter 114 Misgah shot Chapter 113 I can be your girlfriend Chapter 112 go without a trace Chapter 111 one minute is enough Chapter 110 chaotic night Chapter 109 This service is only for female users! Chapter 108 CP1 login

Chapter 107 Intelligence collection (two in one Chapter 106 Joker's life experience Chapter 105 night clown Chapter 104 I will be your father! Chapter 103 Shock Fruit Chapter 102 My name is Dua Chapter 101 weird clown Chapter 100 Titanic Chapter 99 they went north Chapter 98 Another stele! Chapter 97 looking for fish Chapter 96 check harvest

Chapter 95 farewell night shadow Chapter 94 Du Hang's request Chapter 93 targeted location Chapter 92 new game Chapter 91 Bert got the call! Chapter 90 Chiron Shocked Chapter 89 Navy recedes Chapter 88 Roger challenges the general! Chapter 87 reached an agreement Chapter 86 Plug-in three open! Chapter 85 Du Hang hangs up again Chapter 84 I'm hanging up!

Chapter 83 Single out the boss! Chapter 82 Data Vision Chapter 81 Du Hang wins! Chapter 80 Garp and Du Hang's respective calculations Chapter 79 Cap wants a treat? Chapter 78 night battle Chapter 77 young common pirate Chapter 76 New boat arrived! Chapter 75 Both hands must be grasped, must be hard! Chapter 74 Brain supplement is a disease Chapter 73 Bert frowned, realizing that things were not simple Chapter 72 court crisis

Chapter 71 Karp Rejected! Chapter 70 like court drama Chapter 69 Four minus one Chapter 68 As strong as me, there are three more! Chapter 67 lightning fast Chapter 66 three detectives are worse than one roger Chapter 65 Arrive in Irem Chapter 64 record pointer Chapter 63 This is a world of beauty Chapter 62 Enter, Great Route! Chapter 61 Let me have a meeting? Chapter 60 different people, same conclusion

Chapter 59 It's not that enemies don't get together! Chapter 58 Preparations before departure Chapter 57 Roger's invitation Chapter 56 Irium War Chapter 55 unexpected invitation Chapter 54 phantom fruit Chapter 53 Real men never look back at explosions! Chapter 52 Art is a blast! Chapter 51 what are you going to do Chapter 50 Our captain, strong! Chapter 49 Du Hang's plan Chapter 48 confrontation is imminent

Chapter 47 Bert was hired? ? Chapter 46 three conditions Chapter 45 strange trees Chapter 44 Do you have a reward of five million? Chapter 43 The Mermaid and the Prince (Mist) Chapter 42 storm Chapter 41 Marshal Chiryu's plan Chapter 40 leave pigmote Chapter 39 Shiki Chapter 38 Roger: Black Question Mark.jpg Chapter 37 Our captain said that we will kill you sooner or later! Chapter 36 The Disappearance of the Good Pirates

Chapter 35 Since he is a good person, he should like to be a father. Chapter 34 You are a good person! Chapter 33 You lead the line, I will go to the jungle! Chapter 32 roger's shot time Chapter 31 Du Hang's preparations Chapter 30 You still can't trust me? Chapter 29 Send experience! Chapter 28 The enemy cuts in very well Chapter 27 Roger's request Chapter 26 Duhang's flag Chapter 25 Du Hang's domineering look? Chapter 24 Three parties!

Chapter 23 Roger's practice Chapter 22 Raleigh had to face the problem Chapter 21 Fuyue fish Chapter 20 Doom · Flight! Chapter 19 Du Hang's daily life Chapter 18 amazing uncle Chapter 17 meet an uncle Chapter 16 The update came out in the last few minutes! Chapter 15 Penetrating attack! Chapter 14 How to use the fruit Chapter 13 treasure hunt Chapter 12 encounter

Chapter 11 pirate flag Chapter 10 tales of an island Chapter 9 Rayleigh! Chapter 8 Information on new ships Chapter 7 sparring on board Chapter 6 Swapping Tactics Chapter 5 Pirates name Chapter 4 If you don't have a boat, just borrow one Chapter 3 roger's hit bane Chapter 2 Roger's sorrow Chapter 1 Descend to Rogue Town

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