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Pirates: Bleach Vice-Captain

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En un accidente, Chen Qi viajó al mundo de One Piece y obtuvo el sistema del Dios de la Muerte. Debe ayudar a Luffy a realizar su último sueño antes de que pueda regresar al mundo real...

Habrá muchas nuevas aventuras en la historia principal.

Hay un libro antiguo con casi un millón de palabras, "Sistema de Naruto de nivel Pirata Dios", que puede resolver la escasez de libros.

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Título corto:PBVC
Titulo original:海贼之死神副船长
Autor(a):The sailor goes south
Weekly Rank:#527
Monthly Rank:#360
All Time Rank:#1499
Tags:Action, Adventure, Fanfiction, Late Romance, Male Protagonist, One Piece, Soul Power, Sword Wielder, System, System Administrator, World Travel,
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36 Comments on “Pirates: Bleach Vice-Captain
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  1. Todos y cada uno de estos mc tienen la misma personalidad, los mismos gestos y la misma mierda apática. Todos los autores chinos son una copia del otro

  2. The MC is just like a stronger Zoro that's all. He is pretty nice to his friends and helps them out where he can. The only thing I do not like about this story is that it completely follows the original One Piece plot just with some new enemies added in. Also there is no harem and no romance as far as I read. But there is hope for when he finishes the One Piece world he will go to another one (hopefully Bleach). I have read 560 chapters so I think I am pretty close to knowing how it is. Also who the heck put the maids tag? There has been none as far as I have read.

  3. The sense of direction thing has become something to purposefully keep the MC out of fights since he can't find his way to them. He is worse than Zoro. Basically its so that the author can copy the original story without the MC doing anything.

  4. There has basically been no new stuff in the Bleach world and it follows canon. This is copy and paste novel. It really ruins what could have been a good concept and the author uses the MC's horrible sense of direction so that the MC is never there when the others fight and always shows up late.

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