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Cuando el juego reapareció en la realidad, el mundo se volvió loco.

Shang Yinhe originalmente pensó que solo estaba jugando, hasta que descubrió horriblemente: ¡Todos los juegos que ha jugado se reproducen en el mundo real!

El mundo tomó una trayectoria extraña.

Experto: ¡Debe haber una mente maestra detrás del cambio de la tierra!

Shang Yinhe: Esa soy yo.

Multitud: ¡El hombre valiente que salva al mundo tiene un rostro hermoso!

Shang Yinhe: Ese soy yo.

Tierra: Gracias a Guardian Alliance por protegerme.

Shang Yinhe: Esa soy yo también. #Soy yo, soy yo, soy yo#

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Título corto:NOP
Titulo original:头号玩家
Autor(a):Nánshān Hé Mù
Weekly Rank:#8790
Monthly Rank:#7993
All Time Rank:#8354
Tags:Black Belly, Cautious Protagonist, Complex Family Relationships, Cunning Protagonist, Family Conflict, Game Elements, Handsome Male Lead, Modern Day, Multiple Identities, Nationalism, Overpowered Protagonist, Power Couple, Survival Game, Transformation Ability,
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13 Comments on “Number One Player
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  1. First of all this is a very good book, and it's purely world building with some game elements. Second this is Shounen Ai in name, you can only find hints of it, infact you can even call it bromance , or even you could say a really good friend, that's how little it is. Lastly author is very good at giving realistic cause and effect, and it has little to no racism, infact MC has a good friend in another country. Although it is great author leaves some major loopholes. ❗SPOILERS WARNING ❗DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILER! Infact author says and I quote "The last volume should have been written more spectacularly and meticulously, explaining the foreshadowing previously buried in detail" and "I haven't written for a long time, my writing ability has really deteriorated, and the last volume really forced myself to write it" so author kind of gave up haha. But I really like this book,and bl storys rarely has this good story, I was sad to see it end like this..

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