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No sé cuándo, hay un área misteriosa extra en el mundo que conecta todos los diferentes planos, ilusión. Aquí puedes obtener innumerables riquezas, bellezas hermosas con diferentes estilos y poderosos poderes que pueden destruir el mundo.

Aquí vienen innumerables personas que buscan sus sueños y ambiciones. Algunos ríen, otros lloran, algunos viven, otros mueren. Este es el paraíso de los fuertes. Aquí está el infierno de los débiles. Y nuestra historia comienza desde el momento en que un joven que tiene los linajes EX más misteriosos en todo el mundo de fantasía nace de nuevo hace siete años.

- Descripción de PhoenixPhantom


Título corto:NOPTS
Titulo original:时空之头号玩家
Autor(a):Feng Shangren
Weekly Rank:#743
Monthly Rank:#889
All Time Rank:#1066
Tags:Beast Companions, Bloodlines, Cheats, Death, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harem, Loner Protagonist, Long Separations, Male Protagonist, Resurrection, Second Chance, Younger Sisters, Zombies,
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22 Comments on “Number One Player of Time and Space
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  1. Novelnya bagus, alur utama ceritanya juga terhubung, tapi setelah lebih dari 700+ episode alur utama ceritanya terlalu monoton hanya fokus dunia karya fiksi lainnya yang mengakibatkan bosannya pembaca, padahal dunia utama Mc bisa dijadikan "Genre Urban" dengan potensi besar

  2. It's from the anime called Ajin, about immortal beings that can use black ghosts and stuff with a special black particle and resurrect from death. It's a good anime you should watch it.

  3. Fuck it ... The MC way dummy the. He looks .... Fuck this author try to copy the writing style of reincarnation paradise novel style .... But I tell you this novel sucks ... Just for a fucking clock MC goes to SAO world .... Make a deal to give away the SAO main core system.... What logic is this .... If MC is a rebor person with 7 year Experience of future then he should know the fucking value of it .... But no the MC made a stupid mistake To trade it for just a fucking concilement clock to hide a certen NPC character... Come on that's not the worst part the worst part is the MC is way to fucking Stupid to make a decision ... He could finished the mission of academy apocalypse in 3 day ... But no fucking have to take treasure hunt ... Why mind it when you know it that other countries will not give you what you want .... Then you shouldn't gone there in the first place.... This novel has a way lot of stupid mistake and idiot MC who doesn't no what he is doing ... I am telling you if you don't like stupid MC and stupid decisio making plots ... This novel is not for you .... Just one to say a one word to the author of this novel ... You did great work ... But you did a stupid mistake try to copy other writers style .... One of the biggest mistake you ever did is your stupid plot making MC way a lot stupid .... And not giving correct information... Also fix your grammar .then come to write novel ....

  4. 90% of what you said is just completely wrong. First of all he did initially go to the SAO world to get the "Seed" item on the request of someone else, but after getting it he realised it's value and lied to the requester telling her he didn't find it. Secondly the whole point of going to different worlds in this novel is to get as much as you can from each world, milking every scenario for all it's worth, so rushing to finish a world is completely pointless and will only make you loose out and anyway the MC is immortal so he isn't at any real risk from being attacked by some NPCs. Frankly I don't get you saying the MC is an idiot, after reading this novel I would say he's one of the most competent MCs out there, often times he comes off as too competent and he's somehow able to remember every little detail in the various anime and other fictional worlds, seems a bit bullshit at times. This novel does have it's problems but everything you said was complete nonsense.

  5. Author also said SAO arc was not good and replaced it with goblin slayer and re:zero arc and also made necessary adjustment of other stories raw version that i found.

  6. I know the author rewrote some stuff but did he really remove the SAO arc? If he really did revise the story like that then how does the MC get the white snow dragon heart thing he used to craft his flying sword Lucifer.. I think it's a shame when an author rewrites his work like this, he even removed the mcs little sister..

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