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Esta es una historia sobre personas comunes que cambian sus vidas después de obtener un juego.

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Título corto:NM
Titulo original:死灵神话
Weekly Rank:#951
Monthly Rank:#933
All Time Rank:#1618
Tags:Antihero Protagonist, Army Building, Game Elements, Gamers, Gods, Hard-Working Protagonist, Heroes, Hunters, Inheritance, Kingdom Building, Level System, Male Protagonist, Monsters, Multiple Realms, Multiple Transported Individuals, Mythology, Necromancer, Nobles, Reincarnated as a Monster, Reincarnated in Another World, Selfish Protagonist, Special Abilities, Sword And Magic, Undead, Weak to Strong, Wizard, World Travel,
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37 Comments on “Necromantic Myth
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  1. It's a good novel, don't believe what other people said about this. I mean, seriously, they said this novel is bad because the mc uses a sword when he doesn't have any necromancy spell might I add. What are you expecting tbh, the MC literally got thrown into the game without any skills to survive with. Of course he's gonna use the sword when it's the only thing that could help him survive in the early games. And also, after passing 150 chapters the mc will actually start focusing on necromancy and army building. The sword stuff will only be used when on a special situation.

  2. Read on Yeah read on SPOILER ALERT I dropped it when he changed classes to a druid and gave his necromancer class to his clone because he wanted to merge the serpent gods divinity into himself Am not saying it's wrong am sure there people who will love this change but for those of us expecting a necromancer novel that's a turn down

  3. Well i wouldn't lie, the novel is trash but u can't blame mtl, trust me it one of the best novel website, although the translation is not good buh we cant all be winners

  4. That is exactly why I couldn't read some novels, for example Zang Long (correct me if I got the name wrong) had the mc become a healer who for heaven's sake fought, like really can you just be a healer in a game world.

  5. I swear it's fucking illogical he's a necromancer that's an undead mage not an undeadswordsman or an undeadsoldier for god's sake stick to your class who wants to read about a sword swinging undead mage

  6. If you read a bit further he gets rid of the swordsman mentality and works as a necromancer. I am at chapter175 and like the novel very much so far

  7. that your opinion VIP dude don't force people who don't want to read this I HAVE NECROMANCY POWER BUT WANT SOME ACTION TO MY SELF TOO NOVEL

  8. He actually abandoned the sword to practice Necromancy in the later chapters. He only uses the sword in the beginning because, well, he doesnt have any necromancy spell to work with

  9. is it wrong if a healer holds a sword, and the zhilong novel is a VRMMORPG game where there must be an advantage if one has expertise in the real world

  10. It is not, it's just that I got my hope up that it would be a pure healer but unfortunately was disappointed as I haven't found many books about them.

  11. heh)) for the Chinese protagonist to be without a sword?))) they have a sword fetish. eyebrows like a sword, eyes like a sword, stance like a sword, aura like a sword, character like a sword 🤷 😂 😂

  12. Fuck them and fuck their swords for ruining this novel seriously most Chinese authors are trash (imagine making the fanfiction of a fanfiction) their novel industry is getting bleak It has potential and I had high hopes for it Fuck mtlnovel fuck the real good too you can't even find good novels recently if you do either they fucked up the translation (the era of gods) very nice novel or author injects all of his pervertedness in the name of harem (like dude visit a brothel nobody wants to read about sex and all that shit in an action novel that's why it's action, we came for the action, I don't know if you expect us to masturbate with your novel I don't know about others but that's gross) or simple mtlnovel just decides it's romance in the upcoming novels section through this week folks buckle up So all in all fuck mtlnovel Your website sucks post some action We're tired of all that cultivation shit(I don't even wanna get started with cultivation novels)

  13. stop hating on mtlnovel, you are here for the free service they provide you dipshit. they post novels based on request so request the novel you want and stop cocking around because a novel doesn't fit your taste. don't go ranting about me liking this novel, it doesn't fit my interest at all simple.

  14. Hey bro, don't you scold and say the website MtlNovel is very rubbish. You have to know that this website is provided with free reading services, right? If you already know, you should just read because looking for a novel website with many novels with translation and free features is very difficult and fortunately there is MtlNovel who is willing to provide free services to us. You don't know, thank you. In my country you are more worthy of being called "Given rice and you give back porridge" which means you are given something good, and you actually repay badly as if you don't know how to be grateful for being given something free!

  15. Pretty sure that mc who does hand to hand combat relies on op skills or overwhelming power with absolutely trash fighting style and technique :V

  16. You're just a person who is too fixated on magicians, is it wrong for a magic class to hold a sword weapon. Don't be too fixated on a game class, please, try to be more open-minded, even though this is only a novel.

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