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Necromancer and Super Cemetery

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Después del cruce de Green, se despertó de la fría noche, se llevó el súper cementerio con él y ¡estaba destinado a convertirse en el rey de todos los muertos!

El nuevo libro Tensei Eyes and the Extraordinary World ha sido subido.

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Título corto:NSC
Titulo original:亡灵法师与超级墓园
Autor(a):Ancestor of Jin Chan
Weekly Rank:#1331
Monthly Rank:#907
All Time Rank:#2342
Tags:Apathetic Protagonist, Army Building, Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Clones, Cunning Protagonist, Dark, Elves, Evil Gods, Evil Organizations, Fallen Nobility, Fantasy Creatures, Firearms, Game Elements, Godly Powers, Hiding True Abilities, Knights, Magical Space, Magical Technology, Male Protagonist, Medieval, Necromancer, Nobles, Ruthless Protagonist, Secret Organizations, Slaves, Sword And Magic, System Administrator, Transmigration, Transplanted Memories, Weak to Strong,
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30 Comments on “Necromancer and Super Cemetery
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  1. Ok, a lot of things in this novel are sort of dumb and arranged according to convenience. Like mc is watching a murder slowly unfold in his place. He knows that the people who are about to be killed have very powerful background and he will be in trouble if he is framed. All he does is comment on it and never acts.

  2. pembangunan dunia nya bagus, seperti lord mystery. keseluruhan novel nya lumayan lah, jelek di ending doang kaya terpaksa bgt endnya, mc nya karena udh op. jdi authornya bingung mau gmn lgi

  3. so far not to far into in the 60s that is but i really like alot of it i like how he puts these points into his cem. to build buildings for diffrent class of undeads. only thing that i dont like much is the guns i think they could of got bows and stuff like that or mage range stuff but the guys i thought was just lame for the story

  4. Just here to inform you guys to stay away from this novel. The concept, the golden finger and the world is pretty good. But all of it is for naught as author keeps forgetting previous plot points and keeps doing the classic "This was the plan all along" The backstab after backstab get so boring after a certain point that they lose all appeal. And most of the time, they don't even make sense and seem inefficient. One can see that the author is making up the story as he goes by while forgetting many things on the way. If not for the tone, I would have kept reading it. But after a certain point, you just get so fed up with the cliche of backstabs that you just become immune to it. Not to mention, I have noticed that it's not the author who is making mistakes. You can see his talent. But he is choosing to ignore certain things for plot convenience a lot.

  5. Any good xuanhuan novels that you'd recommend instead of this one? Thanks for giving other readers a head's up about this novel.

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