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Ye Chen, un otaku del siglo XXI, murió repentinamente en casa después de ver anime en línea durante mucho tiempo. Afortunadamente, se convirtió en miembro del ejército de traversers.

Después de cruzar al mundo de su anime favorito, Naruto, se convirtió en el hermano gemelo de Sasuke Uchiha, quien no estaba en el trabajo original, y también recibió los beneficios del traverser.

El sistema fuerte, un sistema dedicado a hacer fuertes, puede intercambiar todas las habilidades de combate y habilidades de objetos, ojo de reencarnación, cuerpo de hada, fruta del diablo, varias habilidades poderosas y aplastar todo.

Um ... ¿Qué diablos son los puntos insuficientes del anfitrión y la imposibilidad de canjearlos?

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Título corto:NTSS
Titulo original:火影之强者系统 / Naruto Power System
Autor(a):The Cat Who Wants to Be a Baker
Weekly Rank:#303
Monthly Rank:#290
All Time Rank:#944
Tags:Antihero Protagonist, Early Romance, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Male Protagonist, Naruto, Ninjas, Overpowered Protagonist, System, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, Younger Brothers,
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78 Comments on “Naruto: The Strong System
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  1. Someone tell me will he get back to Naruto verse and get back to Ino? I hoped that happens because Ino really loves him and I pity her.

  2. The Mc is that type of Mc which finds reason to let his enemies so they can create problems for him later and the Mc knows the plot but still let his family killed by his brother itachi and then the family and his clan is killed then he gets angry and start to become powerful to take revenge .How Idiotic was this he could have clearly saved them before but he only gets angry after they get killed . Too full plotholes and the Mc itself isn't likeable. The additional characters which were not in the story just made more worse . ALL IN ALL THE BOOK WAS PATHETIC AND A WASTE OF TIME

  3. He had 0% chance of saving theim bruh... like seriously do you not know anything about naruto... OBITO was also there killing the uchiha clan meaning only thing that would happen, even if he beat itachi is that suddenly obito kills mc

  4. I know but he also knows that they will die so if he really loved them then he should have at least tried anything like convincing itachi and his parents but he only gets angry when his parents are killed . now you lol tell me what is the benefit of a transverse and the author just wants a reason to make the Mc into a antagonist so his idea was really bullshit. people like you who just give good comments without reading are damn **** . so keep your stupid ****shut .

  5. Read to chapter 513 but the author had all the MC's powers be "temporarily" invalidated and the system changed, so I lost interest. Oh well

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