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Han pasado diez años desde que cruzaron al Reino Unido en 1981.

Inicialmente, pensé que podría explotar mi conocimiento futuro después de renacer en el pasado, logrando la libertad financiera antes de cumplir 30 años.

El resultado fue que el día de mi undécimo cumpleaños, en mi mente surgió un sonido de "ding".

“Se abrió la Tienda de Conveniencia Myriad Realms, solicitando al dueño de la tienda que acepte la primera misión”.

Aparentemente, se está desarrollando un futuro completamente nuevo y desconocido.

Sin embargo, ¿qué demonios pasa con esta carta de aceptación de Hogwarts en mi buzón? σ (° △ ° -)

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Título corto:MRSOHP
Titulo original:哈利波特之万界店主
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21 Comments on “Myriad Realms Store Owner of Harry Potter
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  1. You know for someone who’s supposed to be making offset points by radically changing the world around him... RYAN LIANG sure didn’t do jack when it came to Malfoy one of the people who’s universally known to have been a product of his environment, the person who should’ve had a redemption arc, the bad guy with a good heart after all... well he’s just bratty but he grew out of it in the books...

  2. Im beyond annoyed that he could fin he time to radically change Percy. . . PERCY !!! WEASLEY !!! Of all people that alone should’ve netted him tons of points with all the plots he’s involved in early on and changing careers to law enforcement, anyways. . . Draco Malfoy huh, you know for someone who can take the time to go out of his way and deal with Percy Weasley of all people but not Draco... it’s honestly annoying, dare I say sickening ! But for real they’re whole extremist thing is kind of annoying and yeah I get it Malfoy’s not exactly a good guy but if he can take two minutes to convince Percy that he should do X,Y, & Z and not betray his whole family and turn his back.... then he could spare a few minutes to do some re-education with Malfoy. But yeah I thing extremes are always bad and these two (Hermione and Ryan) are always going to extremes.... did you not say wow look at moody he’s so awesome even though he could’ve easily killed all these death eaters and dark wizards he didn’t he stuck to his guns and took them all to jail that’s so admirable ! Now let’s turn our back and commit genocide ! They’re evil anyways ! They could’ve altered their memories or worked with Dumbledore to cover up your involvement.... point is they often choose violence and death and it’s kind of annoying, SlightSpoiler Malfoy used a spell against Harry he didn’t even want to, Harry himself says that he heard Voldemort telling him to kill Harry and Malfoy ignored it and ran, like are you fucking stupid ?! Wow Ryan made such a real contribution, why the fuck is Harry now using black magi as his first thought Nate as of a disarming or obstacle course ? He basically never trains with the book club so how the hell is using dangerous black magic his first thought?! The fuck kind of sense is that? Is he just that power hungry for more powerful spells? Is he going to use deadly magic against death eaters? And then Ryan and Hermione are like well Malfoy’s evil because he did one bad thing and is conspiring to let death eaters into Hogwarts under the coercion of the dark lord, who cares if were super mature and he’s still a kid by comparison.... fuck him ! Which by the way Hermione seriously deviated and turned into a literal dark wizard by anyone else standards... like oh these evil and dangerous spells don’t use negative emotions so there not evil they’re just neutral ! Did that after when the standard book of spells for the hogwarts textbooks was being made ?! No!!! They still said scram with a whole bunch of the spells because they weren’t harmless enough the were to close to black magic even if they were prank spells or neutral without mobilizing negative emotions, but forget about that let’s talk about how she often decides to be ruthless and a cold blooded killer at times when even Ryan doesn’t think to do so, it a perfect two way street with them they’re both extreme but tell each other it’s karma we’re helping save innocent lives which they might be but they also don’t need to do that in the first place, because there’s this thing called capturing the enemy alive to stand trial for their crimes... well let’s see how the rest of the book ends, ugh there’s still 200+ chapters, well I’m sure I’ll like it and there will be interesting not annoying plot points like usual (as of ch 538)

  3. Okay so checking in from O.W.L.S. But like I thought I’d hermione does go into the ministry there’s a pretty clear advantage with the magical beasts department and their connections to the centaurs and other races I would’ve thought she could still take that path and Neville would’ve been even more perfect maybe even directly being a teaching aid or something since he was only an author for 2-3 years before become the professor of herbology...... I feel like these changes could’ve been executed better... by that I mean they’re not bad but I feel like they don’t seem like the closest fit with the story’s narrative but I guess that’s because sometimes we don’t spend enough time with these characters, I will say the Lupin job set up they arranged feels like something that should’ve been a no brained in the original series considering what all of them did at school 🤷‍♂️

  4. I feel like the mc does so much in just the first two hundred chapters that it should be wrapping up because of how much he does like he basically spends decades away in these other worlds and with so much time progression it’s like how can you use.... it’s just a lot like so much happens but then there’s still another like five hundred chapters.... I better see him make use of getting 101 uses of mandrakes with complete formulas etc. but also how epic would that be ?! Like just wait for your famous witches & wizards chocolate frog card where it’s says discovered 101 (or however many) uses for mandrake root ! (Also b/c I’m a flaming homosexual I ship basically everyone with Neville because he becomes a bad ass (and longbottom’s, irl, not in the books) but imagine if you have a plants vs world at your disposal and you can get your hands on all those damn near if not magical plants, uh... 👋 hello?? Neville is practically a genius at Herbology(at least compared to potions😂), he’d be the perfect partner being so good he’d be the best assistant because of his natural affinity and. . . if. . you know!! it happened to be a romantic partnership too... that be pretty cool too~ 🙈💕

  5. As of ch 226 I kind of ship him with Percy... anyways I was thinking in ch 226 he’s coughing because of cleaning a dusty classroom and I was thinking if it were me I’d be coughing on the floor on all fours.... so maybe his male love interest in an A.U. Comes in and sees him coughing on the floor thrusting his hips up and down as he lowers his body while coughing... and then maybe his (MALE) love interest bends down behind him on one knee to rub his back and maybe hold his stomach with his other hand ‘massaging’ Ryan to help alleviate his coughing fit that’s got him bent down on all fours shaking and thrusting his little but up alluringly at his love interest unintentionally while coughing in downward dog. . . . . 😳 I think you know where this is going, Ryan’s partners on one knee behind him holding his back and stomach while Ryan’s thrusting his hips back and forth.... 🙈😏💕😉👉👌😽

  6. i really fucking hate mc when he says i will be op and i will go home(original world).this is just two-faced.i want to read but if mc always think about go back home(original world)i really cant read.

  7. Yeah it’s annoying when they’re like I’ll just build a life here and then go back but I get that if it’s just an early on thing then it could just be like a naïve motivator before they fall in to deep though maybe later they’ll have to make some kind of decision about whether to stay or go if they actually become op enough to cross universes or whatever else to go home

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